post No.158 NSS day1/part1

I took like 2 million pictures at the NSS (national stationery show) so as you can imagine it has taken me some time to sort through them all.  It was great to see some amazing new design from people I currently work with and I was excited to discover new lines as well.  Another highlight was hanging out with some folks I have been chatting with but have never actually met! (Darcy, Laura, Nole, Maria, Vané).  Below are some brief highlights of some of the booths to give you a glimpse, but the real posts will kick in as the findings starts to arrive at the shop!


Kate and Birdie never let me down with their excellent use of lamp posts, pigeons, park benches and barber shops!


The Found. This booth was so creative! Sadly I can’t find the catalog/website to give them credit, but the whole concept of the line is based on a series of found mug shots from the 50’s.  It was fascinating looking at all of the different un-suspecting faces. I am a huge fan of old pictures of people I don’t know so this booth was a real treat for me, not to mention that it was merchandised perfectly with all of my favorite nostalgia… old time typewriters, rotary phones, and suitcases.   {update}- Kerry from Green Paper Company just informed me that their awesome website is right here


This was exciting for me.  I have always wanted to get Set in the shop and finally made it happen. Extensive post coming soon, but in the meantime check out her rad website homepage here.


Meeting Ed Roth was a real treat since he is the stencil master!  I have sold many copies of his book “Stencil 101”  at the shop and was thrilled to hear there is a new book being published on the horizon.  In the meantime, I had fun watching him do demos in his booth,  and picked up some stencils kits for project socials at the shop.  Look he has a blog too!

Okay  this is just the beginning. more coming shortly!


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