post No.180 Kamal

New to Urbanic is Kamal!

I found her at the NSS and loved how refreshing and unique her designs are.  My absolute favorites are these letterpress recycled chipboard coasters.  They are great for entertaining and even home decor!

175-1 175

175-2 300-3



post No.179 Tooth Fairy Kits

When I was little, my parents were very good about remembering to put a little present under my pillow every time I lost a baby tooth.  It was so fun to wake up and discover the surprise. Almost as fun, was finding these adorable Tooth Fairy Kits by Notion Farm.  We just got them in at Urbanic!




features include: “One letterpress Certificate of Record for filing with the local tooth fairy, and one reusable silkscreened cloth deposit bag for your first and all subsequent transactions”

post No.178 Friday at the Shop

I am surrounded by beautiful things everyday which is a major part of my inspiration here at Parcel Post.  Lately I have been realizing that without the beautiful people I am surrounded by in and around the store, all of this would feel empty.


I love our family here at Urbanic!  Above are some photo booth pics that our girls TessJanean and Cristin took this week.  Celia is missing in these shots as she was most likely preforming somewhere (she is a brilliant singer songwriter). Joshua and I literally searched high and low for our staff. It was worth the hundreds of interviews because we adore these ladies with all of our hearts!


We work very closely with our brides (and grooms) and genuinely build relationships with them in the course of the whole invitation process.  When a bride leaves the store overjoyed after picking up her invites, I get a gigantic rush of happiness.  In my work environment, there is nothing that compares to this feeling of accomplishment.  This is what we strive for everyday!  This week I received a thank you card from one of our wonderful brides and it meant the world to me.  I know how crazy and busy it is in the midst having a wedding.  Her taking the time to do this was so thoughtful.

When I first opened the store 3 years ago and got my business cards printed, I didn’t love how the color brown came out and felt sick about it since I had printed 8,000 of them. It was my fault because I chose the pantone, and couldn’t justify re-doing the whole job since the 200lb stock paper was so pricey.  I am happy to say that I have learned a lot about printing since then and figured out how to mix a custom pantone color!  This week we finally reprinted the cards and our printers comped me the job, remembering the agony I went through when I first opened. They are amazing!


Everytime I see a customer signing up on our mailing list, I feel honored and even flattered that they want us to keep them informed of our happenings.  I was watching a memory clip of Michael Jackson last night on the news where he was sincerely telling his fans that he loved them.  I feel this way about our customers.


The mail arrived as I was sitting here writing this post. I got a card from Erika at Delphine thanking me for the order I placed at the NSS.  This reminded me to include the talented group of designers we work with.  Everything in our store is hand picked from who we consider the nation’s top designers.  It is so nice to receive friendly notes with our orders, mid day emails, and a random visits from them every now and then! I really appreciate some of the friendships we have built.

I think the sadness of yesterday made me a little more in touch with my treasures today.


happy weekend,


post No.177 Linnea’s Lights

It is always exciting to get a new candle line in at Urbanic! Linnea’s lights was a real treat to discover. The hand stamped packaging is to die for and how cute is it that it comes with a handy little box of matches?!  Some of our favorite signature scents are, cashmere, currant rouge, yuzu, sweet grass and bamboo.




packaging designed by Eric Kass at Funnel

post No.176 *10 years*

I Have been having a hard time getting back to work this week. This past Saturday, Joshua and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary and had a little stay-cation at one of our favorite hotels right down the street.  These 10 years have gone by really fast. Its even shocking for us to tell people.

I feel so lucky to be married to my best friend.

– ♥ –


photo by Paul Hagon

post No.174 Friday at the Shop

This week’s Friday at the Shop post was inspired by this beautiful little flower arrangement that Tess brought into work.  I walked in and found these on my desk!  My mood has been uplifted even since.







As you can see I am feeling the pink today!

happy almost weekend


Box Sets by Snow & Graham •  Gift bags by The Gift Bag Factory •  Cards by Binth and Seraph • File Folders by Thomas Paul • Birthday Calendar by Carrot & Stick Press

post No.173 {wedding wednesday} Charlie andTodd

This morning I am happy to feature Charlie and Todd on Wedding Wednesday here at Parcel Post.  Charlie comes into Urbanic often and we all have loved chatting with her about the special little details of her wedding day in Big Sur!

Cute Story: Todd and Charlie met at a local Venice coffee house, fell in love, and moved in together on a sailboat!  This fascinates me to no end, and I find myself always asking her questions about what life on the sea is like.  During the process of putting this post together, she would text me with info saying  things like “Sailing over to Catalina Island today” –  Can you imagine!?

Todd proposed to Charlie in Paris, below are some lovely shots from their big day.



This is the first video I have ever posted on parcel post- and I found it completely worth it.  I love their creativity and coolness.

Wedding Details : Invitations by Saelee Oh! letterpress by Flora and Fauna • Flowers by Kate Healey • Photography by Josh McMurtrie and Robert Hilton • Macaroons by Paulette in Beverly Hills • Favors by Snyders Honey

post No.169 Friday at the Shop – gratitude

Today I am feeling so honored to have been warmly mentioned on these blogs!


Folklore Eye is written by two sweet designing sisters Dariana and Dariela. I was so glad to have the pleasure of meeting them at the Blog Outloud event last week. They wrote about us here.


The Proprietress is written by Kate Logan Fulford. Her blog is all about retail knowledge for the stylish entrepreneur. She gave us a “creative blogger award nomination” and wrote about us here.


Yolksy is written by Annie May who is an interior designer and a set decorator.  We were so lucky to meet her at our “Create Summer” First Friday event.  She wrote some wonderful things about us right here.

Thank you Annie, Kate, Dariana and Dariela, for your super kind words!


post No.168 Paperwink Stamps

We got the cutest package in the mail from Paperwink the other day!  Darcy and Tara sent each of us here at Urbanic a custom rubber stamp. DSC_0070

There was much happiness in the workplace that day!


If you haven’t already checked them out click here to see the 20 styles you can pick from.  Below are a few faves.



We were all just standing around our little collection admiring how each one fit our different personalities so well. What a great gift!

A super big thanks to Paperwink for the fun surprise.


post No.167 Create Summer!

First Friday on Abbot Kinney was crazy ridiculous this month.  If any of you attended, you may have noticed there was 4,000 people on our block  (yes, 4,000 as estimated by the l.a.p.d) many of which were dancing in the middle of the street. Our back yard “Create Summer” event was completely enchanted.  I was blown away by all of the creativity and there were over 75 flags made for our banner!






I feel so lucky for my good friend Paul Esposito who took all of these shots.  He is an amazing photographer and having him around for our events frees me up to do things like re-stock the cupcakes!

post No.166 Blog Outloud etc.

Oh my goodness, it was quite a weekend. I have to admit I have some Monday morning exhaustion from all of the action. The Blog Outloud event was really fun!  I enjoyed getting to know the other bloggers on the panel and appreciated hearing what they had to say.  It was also really great to meet so many of the folks who attended.  The event was at Patio Culture which is right up the street from Urbanic. Patio Culture is my neighborhood retreat.  Sometimes if I just need to get out of the store to clear my mind, have a change of scenery, or gossip, I go up to P.C to chat with Karla and Kim (who are the sweetest sisters on the planet).  Everything in there is colorful, beachy and loungey.  The huge windows bring in the breeze of the ocean air.


The first 50 people received goodie bags, so for our contribution we inserted little urbanic notesets of stationery made up of 4 cute designs.  Assembling packs of anything with brown and white bakers twine is always a good time!DSC_0004




There is a video being made that will be edited into web clips.  For any of you who couldn’t make it I will be sure to post this when it is finished.  More tomorrow on our First Friday event.   *A

post No.165 Friday at the Shop

The Blog Outloud event last night was awesome. I will be posting more about that on Monday. Right now, we are very busy getting the store ready for our “Create Summer” First Friday party tonight.DSC_0014


Joshua is out getting treats and drinks and in the store we are prepping all of the making supplies for the Project Social.  It should be the perfect summer back yard party if all goes right and  doesn’t rain.



Other highlights … We just got this ultra cute masking tape in the shop which I am completely gung-ho over.  They come in colorful packs of 3 – solid, graphed and stitched.




above, more of today’s favorites in the shop:  The official card of the summer “good vibes” by La Familia Green, patterned clipboards by the Macbeth Collection and beautiful citrus colored letterpress invitations by Elum

post No.164 Paper Basics

I love that I am surrounded by tons of great design daily, but sometimes plain and simple paper stripped of all the bells and whistles is what inspires me to write a letter or plan ideas.  I figured out that I need white space in my life to allow room for thoughtfulness and creativity to flow.  Today I am feeling inspired by the old school basics of paper.  The bare necessities of any desk – pencil, paper, notebook and envelopes can always seem to make things happen.






Exercise book – Uppercase Gallery • notesets and sharpener –Present & Correct • cursive writing booklet –Papier Valise

post No.163 NSS Summary

I posted 1/2 of day #1 at the National Stationery Show and realized that it barely put a mark on all that I experienced. To summarize the whole event, I decided to put up a few favorite photos and add the detailed posts when it all starts coming into the shop.


Min and Tru from Paper + Cup have been very busy (in more ways than 1). : ) They came up with an explosion of new design treats which I can’t wait to highlight when it comes in.


Always great to see Fugu Fugu.  The booth was a packed little hot spot every time I walked by!


Enormous Champion.  They are genius.  Wait till you see the wood animal kingdom collection they came up with. Everything they do is completely amazing.


Two Trick Pony. I love my ponies. Bright, bold, refreshing and clever sums up the new line.


Make my notebook. These truly are my favorite notebooks of all time. I use one daily and am so glad to have so many new ones on the way.


I love this picture of  “the gentleman of Wiley Valentine“.  Emily and Rachele’s husbands were on board helping them tackle the show this year.  W.V. was bursting at the seams with fresh new design and a packed booth at all times to prove it.  SO much more on this to come.


Walking into the Delphine booth was like a calming elixir at the show. Erika’s work is so detailed and full of the prettiest in letterpress botanicals.


Chris and Evan at Yellow Owl blew my mind as usual.  Here is a shot of their custom wedding design. Something I don’t get to see that often but am madly in love with.


I had like 30 awesome shots from the Hammerpress booth. I chose this one because i love how they displayed these prints on clipboards.


New little notebooks from Mara-Mi displayed so perfectly.


Finally the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  I did massive damage at the O-check booth.  This graph paper tape is just a tiny preview.


No picture space left on this post but here are some of other fabulous lines we worked with at the show. Give Studio, 9 spot Monk, Screech Owl, Kamal, Linnea Carta, Linda + Harriet, Chewing the Cud, Smock, Embellished Ink, Susy Jack, Paper Stories, Night Owl and Junky Heirloom!