post No.163 NSS Summary

I posted 1/2 of day #1 at the National Stationery Show and realized that it barely put a mark on all that I experienced. To summarize the whole event, I decided to put up a few favorite photos and add the detailed posts when it all starts coming into the shop.


Min and Tru from Paper + Cup have been very busy (in more ways than 1). : ) They came up with an explosion of new design treats which I can’t wait to highlight when it comes in.


Always great to see Fugu Fugu.  The booth was a packed little hot spot every time I walked by!


Enormous Champion.  They are genius.  Wait till you see the wood animal kingdom collection they came up with. Everything they do is completely amazing.


Two Trick Pony. I love my ponies. Bright, bold, refreshing and clever sums up the new line.


Make my notebook. These truly are my favorite notebooks of all time. I use one daily and am so glad to have so many new ones on the way.


I love this picture of  “the gentleman of Wiley Valentine“.  Emily and Rachele’s husbands were on board helping them tackle the show this year.  W.V. was bursting at the seams with fresh new design and a packed booth at all times to prove it.  SO much more on this to come.


Walking into the Delphine booth was like a calming elixir at the show. Erika’s work is so detailed and full of the prettiest in letterpress botanicals.


Chris and Evan at Yellow Owl blew my mind as usual.  Here is a shot of their custom wedding design. Something I don’t get to see that often but am madly in love with.


I had like 30 awesome shots from the Hammerpress booth. I chose this one because i love how they displayed these prints on clipboards.


New little notebooks from Mara-Mi displayed so perfectly.


Finally the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  I did massive damage at the O-check booth.  This graph paper tape is just a tiny preview.


No picture space left on this post but here are some of other fabulous lines we worked with at the show. Give Studio, 9 spot Monk, Screech Owl, Kamal, Linnea Carta, Linda + Harriet, Chewing the Cud, Smock, Embellished Ink, Susy Jack, Paper Stories, Night Owl and Junky Heirloom!


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