post No.165 Friday at the Shop

The Blog Outloud event last night was awesome. I will be posting more about that on Monday. Right now, we are very busy getting the store ready for our “Create Summer” First Friday party tonight.DSC_0014


Joshua is out getting treats and drinks and in the store we are prepping all of the making supplies for the Project Social.  It should be the perfect summer back yard party if all goes right and  doesn’t rain.



Other highlights … We just got this ultra cute masking tape in the shop which I am completely gung-ho over.  They come in colorful packs of 3 – solid, graphed and stitched.




above, more of today’s favorites in the shop:  The official card of the summer “good vibes” by La Familia Green, patterned clipboards by the Macbeth Collection and beautiful citrus colored letterpress invitations by Elum


6 thoughts on “post No.165 Friday at the Shop

  1. oh man. Another Urbanic event I will miss because I live on the East Coast. Seriously, your blog posts and social events make me want to quit my job and move to LA!

  2. I had so much fun on Friday night and my fiance had a blast as well! I love your shop and remember the day I met you guys at Santa Monica Farmer’s Market and you told me you were opening a paper shop…I was in heaven! Can’t wait to see the pictures!

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