post No.166 Blog Outloud etc.

Oh my goodness, it was quite a weekend. I have to admit I have some Monday morning exhaustion from all of the action. The Blog Outloud event was really fun!  I enjoyed getting to know the other bloggers on the panel and appreciated hearing what they had to say.  It was also really great to meet so many of the folks who attended.  The event was at Patio Culture which is right up the street from Urbanic. Patio Culture is my neighborhood retreat.  Sometimes if I just need to get out of the store to clear my mind, have a change of scenery, or gossip, I go up to P.C to chat with Karla and Kim (who are the sweetest sisters on the planet).  Everything in there is colorful, beachy and loungey.  The huge windows bring in the breeze of the ocean air.


The first 50 people received goodie bags, so for our contribution we inserted little urbanic notesets of stationery made up of 4 cute designs.  Assembling packs of anything with brown and white bakers twine is always a good time!DSC_0004




There is a video being made that will be edited into web clips.  For any of you who couldn’t make it I will be sure to post this when it is finished.  More tomorrow on our First Friday event.   *A


4 thoughts on “post No.166 Blog Outloud etc.

  1. where do you get this kind of string? i want to use some for my Wedding invites (particularly blue and white) but I don’t know where to look!


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