post No.167 Create Summer!

First Friday on Abbot Kinney was crazy ridiculous this month.  If any of you attended, you may have noticed there was 4,000 people on our block  (yes, 4,000 as estimated by the l.a.p.d) many of which were dancing in the middle of the street. Our back yard “Create Summer” event was completely enchanted.  I was blown away by all of the creativity and there were over 75 flags made for our banner!






I feel so lucky for my good friend Paul Esposito who took all of these shots.  He is an amazing photographer and having him around for our events frees me up to do things like re-stock the cupcakes!


5 thoughts on “post No.167 Create Summer!

  1. wow – what a fun event! love all of the flags everyone created and they way your cute backyard looks. and, of course, that you had cupcakes! I’d love to come to the next one! xx, rebecca

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