post No.168 Paperwink Stamps

We got the cutest package in the mail from Paperwink the other day!  Darcy and Tara sent each of us here at Urbanic a custom rubber stamp. DSC_0070

There was much happiness in the workplace that day!


If you haven’t already checked them out click here to see the 20 styles you can pick from.  Below are a few faves.



We were all just standing around our little collection admiring how each one fit our different personalities so well. What a great gift!

A super big thanks to Paperwink for the fun surprise.



9 thoughts on “post No.168 Paperwink Stamps

  1. I love these. I keep looking for a place that might suit my wedding invites, I was thinking of stamping the return address rather than printing it to get that vintage feel. Some of these are definitely leading me in the right direction. Great work Paperwink!

  2. Yay for paperwink! I just gave this as a gift to one of my girlfriends for her wedding—and P.S. why haven’t I found your blog before!!?? It is in my top 3 now. hands DOWN 😉

  3. Between you and Paperwink everything is right in the world!
    PS I have one of these stamps and I just adore it. Yeah, you get those free address labels in the mail and those are fine for bills, but when you are sending real correspondence, nothing beats using your own personal stamp!!

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