post No.185 Hand Drawn Maps

How cute are these hand drawn maps by Kristine Lombardi ?!

I am seriously in need of a road trip!



10 thoughts on “post No.185 Hand Drawn Maps

  1. These maps are great! I love the casual playful style. I’m a big fan of Kristine’s work, from the cute & colorful food and kids’ illustration to the charm of her hand lettering! Thanks for posting on her!! I like your blog, in general, too 🙂

  2. Kristine’s maps are absolutely delightful! I have seen
    many of her illustrations and love them! Kristine
    has a truly recognizable and distinct way with her

  3. roadtrip to sf?

    kyle and i can babysit the babe, and you and josh can go out on the town….

    just sayin. if you need a roadtrip…

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