post No.190 Giveaway Time!

: please note this contest is now closed :

Guest posting over at Brooklyn Bride this week got me inspired to have a giveaway for all of you brides out there!  The prize is this Russel and Hazel wedding binder! It has everything you need to stay organized in a stylish way.




the set includes

1 signature binder with white spine   •   12 section tabs with pocket   •  Planning notebook  •  Organized adhesive note set  •  Sheet protectors  •  2 business card pages  •  10 writing pages  •  5 multi format pages

To win, just  leave a comment on this post with a wedding color combination you are considering.  The winner will be randomly chosen and announced here on Parcel Post July 24th so check back to see if you win.







124 thoughts on “post No.190 Giveaway Time!

  1. What a great giveaway! I am considering a gold/mustard and cream color combination with a few hints of very pale blue.

  2. What a perfect way to organize. We are working with dark purple, tangerine with ivory accents. Hopefully it will fit right in with our fall brunch setting.

  3. We just started planning our wedding and I’ve been lusting over this organizer! We’re going for a very organic feel and since we’re getting married in a garden setting, we’ll stick to creams, peaches and super light pinks (“blush and bashful”!).

  4. I’ve been wanting one of these to keep everything organized! If we go with our original venue, our colors will be shades of pale peach and cream, with some natural brown thrown in.

  5. We’re doing emerald green with blues… I have been lusting after this binder forever and I would love to have it!

  6. this organizer would be sooooooooo perfect to plan my wedding. i’m planning on a pale seafoam green and a creamy vanilla. something airy and refreshing!

  7. Do I LOVE russell + hazel? YES! I actually get the pleasure of driving by their flagship store here in Minneapolis and drool. I love orange and yellow!

  8. I can so much use this organizer! I am getting married next summer and I am really disorganized person, very disorganized:). I am going for green, orange, and cream. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  9. Oh so exciting! R + H products are great! I would SO use this. I have magazine pulls galore, notes, fabric swatches, etc. etc. and no where to put it all.

    Our colors are Navy, Gold, Blush/Nude Pink, and accents of light grey.

  10. This organizer would be a lifesaver! We are getting married next spring and just decided on colors. Natural Linen, Lavender and light accents of Red.

  11. Oh, I love organizers like that. I have the worst time keeping things in order. I don’t have wedding colours chosen but I want to work with purple and yellow. But without being TOO girlie! lol

  12. my friend recently got married and her binder was like a bible. she had every detail planned out.

    my combo would be pale butter yellow, robin egg blue and celery green. any martha stewart color combo would be perfect. her stylist find such dreamy combinations.

  13. Love this organizer! It would be absolutely perfect for planning my navy, fushia with accents of cream and gold fall wedding. I have to get organized, quickly!

  14. Oh my gosh! I am helping my future daughter-in-law plan her wedding to my son. She would be so thrilled to have this! I would be so happy to win it for her!! They are getting married in August 2010 and her colors are:

    white, silver, and lavender! Sounds so pretty! We’re very excited and I’m crossing my fingers! Love your blog!


  15. I’ve been admiring this organizer and would love to win it! Our wedding colors are drawn from the garden setting and my engagement ring: grass green, pale aqua, and touches of gold, filled out with creams and grays.

  16. would love to give this to my friend who just got engaged! i could totally see her going with a preppy navy and white scheme with hints of pale pink. love this binder!

  17. got engaged back in april, but just now starting to get the ball rolling with our sights set on an october 2010 wedding incorporating charcoal grey, black, white, green, and a deep peacock blue. love this giveway — A+!!

  18. I wonder if International entry is allowed here? As I would love to win this! I only have less than 5 months to prepare for my BIG day, stress all over the place. The color will be bluish.

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  20. I definitely need help in the orginization department, and this is such a lovely organizer! I have just over four months to go and am constantly searching for odds and ends and scraps of paper I’ve taken notes on.

    Our wedding color palette is Blush, Mustard Yellow, and Gray.

    Thanks for the chance!

  21. Oh! I’ve definitely admired this binder, great design and organization. What could be better? My fiancé and I have decided on slate blue and salmon for our color scheme for our springtime wedding. Oh and I am wearing something very creamy/ivory.

    Thanks for a great giveaway opportunity!

  22. thanks for a fun give-a-way! my color scheme is a grass green- lots of plants as centerpieces. but the signature flower and bridesmaid dress color will be purple- eggplant-ish.

    a better way to stay organized would be spectacular.

  23. European Navy Blue and Forest Green. 🙂 Plus Ivory, cream and morning dove grey. Hmm we still need to make sure it all looks as good in person as we think it does in our heads.

  24. oh my goodness! this binder would be infinitely helpful towards getting me organized for my destination wedding! my color scheme is pale gold and red to reflect on our asian heritage, combined with a few tropical effects since we’re getting married in honolulu, hawaii.

  25. i am thinking of doing a rich peacock blue or french marine blue with creamy champagne and metallic copper to complement the metallic threads in my wedding gown.

  26. For our October 2010 wedding, my fiancee and I are talking about a gray, goldenrod, and pomegranate color scheme.

    Our reasons: Gray because it goes with everything, goldenrod because my brother has offered to grow and dry 500 billy button flowers for us, and pomegranate because the fruit is a Jewish symbol of a new beginning. (Not to mention that in ancient times, men would “acquire” brides by giving their fathers a token of value, often dates or pomegranates!)

    We just got engaged and are totally intimidated by the planning process — the binder would really help!

  27. Hey, I love the binder! We are thinking of pumpkin orange and evergreen. We live in Seattle and are having a fall wedding.

    Thanks for the great blog.

  28. holy wow that’s purdy! our colours are our favourite colours… i felt that was the best way to choose and since i am crazy ocd graphic person, i chose pms colours!
    pms 325 and pms 127… which in non-nerd terms is a lightish orange and turqouisey blue.

  29. I have been admiring this binder for awhile – what a great giveaway. Thank you! Currently thinking along the lines of gray and lilac with warmer blues and natural touches of cream, white, burlap, etc. Thanks also for your great posts across the Web!

  30. omg, i love r+h! i’ve been lusting after one of these for *quite* some time. colors will be jewel tones (navy, eggplant) with white and brushed silver. yellow might be making an appearance as well.

  31. OMG this is perfect for my *slightly obsessive* need to organize! I’m doing small bursts of four bright color Grass green, bright pink, orange, and aqua. (BM dresses will be charcoal grey with each maid having one of the four colors as accents… i.e. miss pink, miss green, miss aqua). My future MIL calls it my rainbow… but I love it!

  32. OMG, maybe that would inspire me to stay organized! I need all the help I can get.

    I originally wanted earthy tones – sage green, chocolate brown, and just a touch of plum for some pop. But when FI and I talked, he just couldn’t get into those colors. So when he said he wanted red and black, I replied “A University of Georgia themed wedding!” (my alma mater) I don’t think that’s quite what he was going for, but we both end up happy 🙂

    So ours are red and black and ivory.

  33. I’m thinking cornflower blue with some sort of bold red that won’t make it look like a captain america wedding… or maybe more of a turquoise… still working on it!

  34. Oh. My. Goodness! I was just swooning over this binder the other day. Their lists are awesome, and the binder alone, is enough to get your creative juices flowing…
    We just started planning our wedding which is scheduled for 10.2.10 and I immediately new I was aiming for Turquoise/Aqua (like the mason jars) as a primary, with a Khaki or Navy base color, and Orange/Gold accents.
    I’m so excited!
    Hope I win, too!

  35. I am having a fall wedding – my color inspiration is the wine country: Burgandy, gold, moss green and pumpkin. How fun that I found this contest. Look like a lovely planner!! Good luck to everyone

  36. We are in the beginning stages of planning our wedding for September 2010. Our colors will be dark plumy purple, sage green, light green and dark brown. This wedding binder would be a great way to start planning on the right foot 🙂

  37. I love your site! AND I love the Brooklyn Bride site. Both of you guys are right up my design alley. I just got engaged last month and we are in desperate need of a way to organize our random ideas. We are thinking of bright to light yellows and greens. (his fav color and my fav color but both happy fun and organic)

  38. I love this organizer, been needing something just like it! My bridesmaids are in three different colored dresses of eggplant, navy and cerulean jewel tones… and the color palette will play off that with golds, hints of fuschia and white.

  39. Cool. We’re planning on having a garden party themed wedding. The colors that we’re thinking of are creams, sage-y green, pale pinks and yellows and browns.

  40. This binder is awesome. We’re planning on having an antique-inspired theme and our colors will be pale pink and black.

  41. Our September wedding is inspired by the rich jewel tones of an Indian sari: the perfect shade of plum, burnt orange, ruby red, touches of gold and an ivory gown.

  42. we just booked our date, time to start planning.
    our colors will be turquoise, chartreuse or mustard and a pale gray….

  43. We’re getting married in late November and using Cream, Black and hints of gold for our colors. Simple, elegant and easy!

  44. I’m working with a very vintage look of chocolate brown and light pink. I think it has the perfect mix of femininity and masculinity. Not to mention is reminds me of wonderful delicious cupcakes and coffee.

  45. i saw this binder in person and so very much wanted to get it but did not. the colors for my upcoming romantic garden wedding are yellow and grey. i have loved every minute of the planning and can’t wait for the big day!

  46. This organizer would be perfect for me 🙂 We are planning on using olive/avocado green with lavender and black for our colors.

  47. we just decided on our colors last week! we’re going with berry red and moss green with light pink and grey accents for our summer in the country wedding!

  48. For our winter wedding, we went with a chic palette of midnight blue, platinum, and pops of ivory – the perfect combo for our New Year’s nuptials on January 2, 2010!

  49. This is so great! I have been looking for a wedding planner for awhile, but they have been very plain looking and I am an artist, so I was looking for something a little more sassy! The black, white, lime green and aqua couldn’t be more perfect!!!

  50. This would be awesome to have. My notes are everywhere. My friend had requested for me to purchase a planning book but somehow I forget to get one…
    Our colors are red with the Tiffany blue. 🙂

  51. This would be an awesome freebie…it would defintely help me stay organized! My fiance and I are using bright pink, lime green, and orange. We will also use white to balance out those bright colors.

  52. What an amazing giveaway! I am considering brown, hot pink and orange (I already have my hot pink satin sling backs!)

  53. Love the binder. We’re getting married in Ireland next August and so far our colors are grass green, navy, cherry fizz and pale yellow.

  54. this would be awesome! love printed things/especially things to keep organized! our colours are gold, & fuschia (so far..thinking of adding a few more!)

  55. This binder is so fabulous! I change my mind every week, but currently a light peach, white and vintage blue is the winning combo… Inspired by cameo jewelry and Wedgewood! 🙂

  56. i am currently torn between two color palates 1) cornflower blue, eggplant and magenta OR 2) green ( a nice crisp springy green) and white with deep eggplant accents.

    it is a spring garden wedding — any feedback would be absolutely appreciated!

  57. Adore Russel & Hazel! The colors for our fall wedding are varying shades of grey, with raspberry as an accent. We wanted rich colors, but decided to branch out a bit from the traditional autumnal palette.

  58. I love this binder!

    My base color will be navy and I will accent with sunny yellow/burnt orange and apple green. I am thinking that I will probably use the yellow & orange interchangeably and to play off one another in floral arrangements.

  59. Hi! My wedding will be taking place in sunny San Carlos, Mexico. The colors for my big Mexican wedding are aubergine & cream.

  60. I would seriously love one of these it would definitely help with all the planning. My colors as they stand right now are red, white, and black.

  61. Our colors are lilac, in honor of the lilac festival in Rochester where I’m from, and chocolate, because that’s what our venue provides in terms of linens, chairs, etc. I’m trying to identify another pop of color through flowers, such as plum, celadon, crimson, or lemon.
    As for an organizer, I’ve tried to create my own binder to lackluster results and I can use all the help I can get as I care for my bedridden fiance and our brand new rescue puppy.

  62. our wedding is in a historic church george washington literally went to and our reception is at a world war II torpedo factory that has been turned into a community arts center. my bridesmaids are wearing gorgeous black short dresses, guys will be in tuxes and i love things real simple. so, i’m sorta letting the colors happen and focusing more on the details that will make our guests (and us 🙂 feel so loved that day. this organizer is so up my alley 🙂

  63. What a great giveaway!!
    I’m considering either white, navy blue & gold…or all neutral colors – white, ivory, beige, cream, etc. I can’t decide which one!!

  64. Oh my, would I love to have one of these for my very own. Our colors for our fall 2010 wedding are dark espresso, cream, and plum.

  65. Wow what an amazing giveaway!
    This binder is so much nicer than the ones I have seen in store and reluctantly put back on the shelf in hopes of finding something nicer.
    We are thinking of possibly going with an avacado green and blue theme – light and fresh!
    Thanks for hosting this giveaway 🙂
    I really enjoyed your posts on Brooklyn Bride too!

  66. Recently engaged and a planning binder would be perfect! The colors I am considering are: robin’s egg blue and leaf green with white and peony pink accents.

  67. Oh this would really be a wonderful and beautiful tool to help with all the planning. Our color pallet is aqua, tan, cream, and brown.

  68. What a great giveaway! It would be so helpful to have. Our color palette is suit blue, plum, mustard, and espresso. We are having an October wedding, so I wanted something rich and autumn-y without the obvious oranges and/or reds.

  69. I really didn’t want to do wedding colors since my location is so funky and unique. I didn’t want to take away from that so I decided on all white flowers. But when it came time to decide on the bridesmaids dresses and suits, I went with blue. So I guess my colors and white and blue, even though I’m sticking with saying I don’t have wedding colors.

  70. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this binder. I am such a neat freak, and I’m a fiance too – so please pick me! I have been eyeing this binder for months now, but given that I’m unemployed and saving fora wedding… it’s hard to justify. Oh and wedding colors… we’re thinking a dark orange and a light gray and lots of white to give everything a modern feel.

  71. Love the binder. We’re going with a color scheme of chocolate brown, sage green and accenting with mustard yellow. Kind of a vintage/fall look. Can’t wait!

  72. I work for the library – and love to organize information. This prize is too perfect. Our wedding colors are those on the label of pierre jouet champagne, an antique jade, gold and cream. Thanks for the contest!

  73. This is a great prize! My colors are red, permission, coral, canteloupe, and tea rose. I am having an outdoor wedding during harvest season so I went for a pop with sunset colors for infront of the natural gardens! I love it! I’d love this binder to keep track of all my vendors and decor. We have to bring in everything for our site! I know it will be worth it!

  74. Raspberry and mango are our wedding colors. We just set the date, July 24, 2010 and the Russel and Hazel binder will help us keep images and vendor information together during the planning process. Right now, everything is crammed into a black peachy folder, which is neither stylish nor organized. It would also make an excellent keepsake of the wedding, hopefully useful to friends getting married in the future.

  75. My colors are pewter, dusty rose, and ivory 🙂

    The Russel and Hazel binder looks amazing since I have about 20 excel spreadsheets going at the moment with all of my ideas, vendors, etc. 🙂

  76. What a sweet giveaway! Our colors for our afternoon Russian River wedding next month are:

    Pantone 575C (dark avocado green)
    Pantone 618C (golden pea soup green)
    Pantone 629C (pale aqua)
    Pantone cool grey 1C (super pale dove grey)
    and white!

    Ok, so I have a month to go and still so much planning to do… papers everywhere… Please, I need this binder! 😉

  77. Nice giveaway

    I am considering Navy blue with Nude pink as our wedding theme colour for their soothing look. Need this binder to make it a perfect match

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  79. Oooh, I love this! I’ve been wanting that planner for a while now! I’m planning on the colors pink & pumpkin (with undertones of gold, white, beige and brown).

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