post No.191 Things of Old

Over the weekend,  I was having this conversation with Joshua about how crazy it is that pretty soon CD’s are going to become old classics like cassette tapes and 45’s.  Time and technology are going way too fast and it’s getting kind of hard to keep up these days.  I worry about being an old lady that can’t work a television set –  it’s challenging already with all of this Tivo business!  I wish there would be a mandatory life class, that all citizens would be required to take, called  “Keeping up with Technology”.   At one time in my life I considered myself down with the program, and was an absolute pro at working my VHS- VCR, my Sony walkman, my pager, and my film cameras. Oh, how I miss the simplicity of these machines…. so here you go, a tribute to the things of old.





polaroid 3-d pop-up photo box case by Nothing Elegant (the drawer pulls out!)  •  rotery list tags by Present and Correct •  mix tape print by Uncommon •  typewriter journal by R.A.O.T •  analog post card set by yellow owl workshop * just got these in at Urbanic!


8 thoughts on “post No.191 Things of Old

  1. Hi Audrey!

    OMG! I just read your comment and my mouth fell open and I fell off my chair when I read it – haha! I’m still hunting around for a vendor I can work with to make these into sticky pads. Can we keep in touch so I can let you know once these are completed?

    Thanks!! Sarah

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  3. i just want to say, Hi.

    i still listen to tapes and make polaroid transfers as art and like things with typewriters on them. i can’t believe you sell such rad stuff in your store and can write about it with as much personality as you do. I am happy that Urbanic still wears the things of old.

  4. Oh girl! I hear you! I already hear myself saying those words… “back in my day” – ack when I did I get so old?!

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