post No.193 Urban Beauty

Oh my goodness, this post has been a real treat to put together! Below is the wedding of Emily and Jay Kelly, (some very dear friends).  Individually they are so talented and put together they are an explosion of creative expression.  Jay and Em branded their wedding with an art piece logo they made and titled  “urban beauty”. I love every part of this wedding, and adore having this art hanging on our wall.


“We came up with a concept for our logo as half downtown skyline and half graphic orchids with paint drips. The skyline is very rigid and organized made almost entirely of straight lines, while the flowers are much more organic and layered – the idea is that this represents what we love about LA: the beauty and creativity that can be found amidst the urban sprawl. It also is meant to show how one side balances the other much like the two of us have always complimented each other.The names, “Urban” for the skyline and “Beauty” for the flowers on their own seem more like descriptions than titles, but when put together as “Urban Beauty” they become something far greater than the sum of their parts… again much like the two of us and what we believe to be the most important thing about marriage: creating a bond where we are stronger together than as individuals. We used the logo throughout the wedding from save-the-date, to invitation, to the actual wedding where we displayed two 36″x36″ collages depicting the two parts of the logo. Each half was made out of hundreds of photos, clippings of text and music that meant something to us. We made limited edition print of the both piece, 100 of each signed and numbered, and gave them as a favor to each of our guests. We made them 12″x12″ so they could be easily framed in a record album frame.”

There were four main parts to the invitation: the cover with the logo, the actual invitation, the ceremony map/details  and the reception map/details.  Between the four main pieces were black and white photographs they shot downtown and printed on translucent vellum. These were overlays tying each piece together.  Also pictured are the save-the-date cards of the downtown skyline which was from a reflection in their rear view mirror and the thank you card to match the rest of the set.


The ceremony was on the rooftop of a working warehouse on the east side of downtown, near the river with a 360 degree view.  The reception was at a huge two-story penthouse artist loft on the west side of downtown.  Their concept for the reception was to create a sexy, sophisticated, moody, yet warm, intimate cocktail party atmosphere.  Jay is an artist and they have many friends who are artists so they decided to curate a group art show to create the vibe they were after. The art ranged from traditional paintings and photographs to a video projection and an interactive collage piece.  They created intimate seating areas with modern sofas and chairs, along with carpet and coffee tables with some of their favorite art and culture books around the lounge area. They hired a lighting designer to give the room an overall wash of dim amber light and reinforced the look with hundreds of candles throughout the space.

Decor and Floral: R. Jack Balthazar
Photography: Tyler Boye


6 thoughts on “post No.193 Urban Beauty

  1. where does my commentary begin? I LOVE the idea of doing a black and white photograph on vellum to separate the invitation set.. and like the idea of having a logo for a wedding. If you think about it, you really are making a lot of creative decisions to design your own wedding, and creating a logo for it marks the individuality of the event in a creatively sound way. The fact that they made an art piece out it makes sense to me and I am totally approaching my wedding planning (which is a ways from now) from a different perspective now.

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