Post No.203 O-Check Wallpapers

Yesterday in the middle of the afternoon UPS delivered us our first batch of O-check at the store. (I have been waiting patiently for this for a while and there are no words to express the level of excitement). I screamed happiness and twittered the good news immediately.  Then Jane from Simple + Pretty contacted me asking for a few specific items from the website.  When I went to the website to reference those  for her and I stumbled upon these free download-able desktop wallpapers which they release every month.



Click here to check them out and make sure you check out the archives from 07 and 08.  I was smitten to say the least and have yet to find something from this company that I don’t like.  In other news, I will be posting on our O-check special delivery very soon!


3 thoughts on “Post No.203 O-Check Wallpapers

  1. Audrey! The O-Check wallpapers are a Love Love! you have such a talent for finding the absolute perfect things to brighten my day…..I wish I was an LA girl and could attend your Friday party!

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