post No.224 Friday at the Shop

Today I am noticing pretty things around the shop in shades of black and white.







above photos:  No.1 custom self inking stamps  No.2 crystal tipped pencils No.3 post-it pads by Mcbeth Collection  No.4 farmers market style escort board for a wedding planned by Unscene No.5 an invitation we just completed in-house for a client   No.6 gorgeous new wraps from Midori and Loop

P.S happy weekend friends!  * A


7 thoughts on “post No.224 Friday at the Shop

  1. just noticed that my entire family is on that escort board?! (all the matalons). How random!? Why wasn’t I invited! LOL!

  2. Hey Ra,

    I was not invited either, this is my cousin Victor S Matalon, it was his niece’s wedding in Santa Monica 2 weeks ago.

    Love you


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