post No.225 five days without internet

We lost our internet for a total of 5 days around here and it was absolutely crazy.  For starts, all of our credit card transactions at the store are processed through and on-line system, so we had to bust out the old fashioned “swiper”.  On top of that our customers were calling the store referencing emails they sent us that we had not received yet, so we were huddled around my iphone on a few occasions trying to make sense of everything.  Did you ever see the end of the movie Cable Guy where cable goes out everywhere and people start doing wonderful things like reading and talking?  We had a few moments like that in the shop.  I did some organizing, JL gave the bathroom a make-over, Tess plowed through paperwork, and Celia worked on spreadsheets. This was all kind of fun. In a nutshell the situation was liberating but equally horrifying.  As of last night, we are finally back up and running again, thank God!  I realized through all of this how dependent I am on internet communication.  After only a few days I feel completely out of the loop of reality.  I am way behind in emails so if you wrote me one, bear with me.  Hoping to be back on track with everything shortly.  For now, I will leave you with one of my favorite photos discovered.

Why can’t packaging look like this any more?


* A

photo by ihana


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