post No.226 Striped Paper Straws

I have been feeling in the mood to entertain lately.  We got these paper straws in at urbanic and I love how charming they can make a table setting look!


photos:  #1 found here, by this photographer #2 here and #3  here


38 thoughts on “post No.226 Striped Paper Straws

  1. To everyone requesting to purchase the straws!! : ) Yes yes, you can just phone or email me your order of how many boxes you want and what color, red, grey or blue.and We will send them right out to you via USPS. They come in packages of 50 and are $4.50 a box. *A

    • I have a vintage stainless steel straw dispenser & would like to order a box of straws to see if they will fit. If possible please provide the information needed to complete the transaction. Thank you!

    • Hello,

      I am currently on the wait list for the gray straws, but since don’t look like they will be in stock in time, I am thinking about ordering the pink ones. I was just wondering if there is a picture somewhere so i can see what shade of pink the straws are before I purchase?

      Thank you sooooo much!

      Jennifer Reed

    • Hi,

      I’d like to order 3 boxes of the red straws, to be delivered to Sydney, could u please let me know how much it will all cost and how long delivery time is.

      Thank you

  2. Am I missing something? I can not find your email on here.
    So…I am sooooooo glad to have found you and this post. I have spent hours and hours searching for paper straws. I am doing a charity table setting luncheon and my theme is sort of vintage school. I usually provide something to snack on as a social warm up so everyone can get to know each other a little. I have decided to have milk in bottles with paper straws and homemade graham crackers to go with the school theme. I need a box of these in blue and white by Friday October 9. I will check back with you tomorrow. Thank you, Amber

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  4. I have some wonderful vintage Sweetheart new old stock red/white/blue paper straws in my shop, Savvy shoppers have been purchasing them for 4th of July decorating….that’s what I call planning ahead!

  5. Hi!

    I can’t seem to find your email… I am interested in the grey/white stripe (2 boxes) & the green/white stripe (2 boxes)… do you still sell these? Do you ship to Ontario, Canada (L3Y2J9) how much do you charge for shipping? Or could I ship to my cousin in Rochester, NY?

    Talk to you soon!

  6. Hi everyone! Here is an update on the straws.
    We currently have green, pink, and blue in stock. The grey and red are back-ordered and we do not have an e.t.a on these yet. if you would like us to ship you out any of the colors we have in stock- please email us at and we will get them right out to you. thanks! *A

  7. Hi there, has there been any update on the grey and white? Do you know when you might have them back in stock again? I need two boxes for my upcoming wedding. Thanks!!

  8. hey everyone, we have a new shipment of the green, blue and pink coming in next week. As for the gray and the red, they are still back ordered but we are expecting them in late September. Will keep you posted!

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  10. I love these but will need them by next sat is that possible? What all colors do you have and how much are they? Thanks , Ashley

  11. I found these sassy little sweeties on Ebay with the seller name, all the colors of the rainbow and more!
    I used them for my daughters Sesame Street Birthday Party
    and not only did the adults love the memories but the kids made some new ones! Time to get some more for my next party!

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