post No.232 And the winners are…

I must truly say that reading about all the things that make you happy in post No.227 brought me happiness!   I’m thinking I might highlight some of your comments in another post because they were so good.

As always, I wish all of you could win, but the random number picker could only pick 3 – so the winners are…


#31  Kristina  – who is happy to have just turned 30!

#87 Monica – who is happy to be the editor of a paper!

#134 Dorothy – who is happy it is apple crisp time!

Congrats you three!  Talk soon to get your addresses and let you know what prize you won.


P.S  award ribbons found here


One thought on “post No.232 And the winners are…

  1. Hi Audrey,

    Wow! This is cool! I’m friends with Ana. I just love her by the way.

    My address is:

    Dorothy Ringler
    22 Old Barn Drive
    West Chester, PA 19382

    I’m also a huge fan of your store. I like Ans and you, love to send letters and notes and cards. Ana says you may have an on-line store shortly. I look forward to that.

    Thank you,

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