post No.238 blush pink rainy day

Posting is going to be kind of light this week because Joshua and I have been busily preparing for 3 major events all happening before Sunday … (The Oh Joy Party, The fall festival at Archer High and The Plan A Baby Event at the Roosevelt Hotel.)

Today is my, but I think I am going to try to milk it for the next few weeks since things are so hectic at the moment, plus I love dragging it out into a month’s worth of special treatment!   It’s raining today which is a novelty in L.A.  Waking up to this was a great start to the day. The rain seems to makes things feel more thoughtful.

Below are some faves I am feeling in blush pinks.  ( I can’t believe i found that 1st pic!)




black label westside kate noteset-1

{ treat bags found on Style me Pretty for a little girl’s birthday party  •  sticky note sets we just got in at the shop from Cavallini •  magnet set by Pretty Originals • “westside kate” note flats by SugarPaper we have in stock at Urbanic }


8 thoughts on “post No.238 blush pink rainy day

  1. Happy Birthday, Audrey! I hope you have the best rainy day! (And, for the record, rain is far from a novelty for us, but I love that it made your birthday morning delightful.)


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