Post No.259 Fun with Paper

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!  Over the weekend I received a special package in the mail from my little sister.  Inside was an advent calendar that she hand-made with a piece of her artwork.  This has become a yearly tradition that many of the people in her life look forward to.  She has all of her friends and family email her either a quote, an activity, poetry, scripture, a memory, or something else special to open during the season. I look forward to it every year, because it is truly amazing! I will try to take some pictures of it to share with you all. Today, I am feeling inspired by the fun you can have with paper.  When we were kids, I remember that our family had a glass jar that we filled up with little ideas of neat things we could to do together. On special days we would pick out of the jar and the adventure would unfold.  A particular memory I’m having right now was our whole family sitting in the closet eating lunch together. We always were an odd bunch!

update: Below is the advent calendar Ana made before the doors and numbers were added!


vintage paper Christmas Tree garland by Allium •  paper scraps and idea jar by Brook Reynolds found here • number tags by May Third found here • advent calendar by Anastasia Tantaros


3 thoughts on “Post No.259 Fun with Paper

  1. I remember meeting your sister before she and her beau went on their road trip. She was collecting conversation starters to keep them company. A brilliant idea! She is so clever – must run in the family! 🙂

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