post No.272 Christmas Eve Day

We have been very busy in the shop lately.  I haven’t had too much time to blog/twitter/ facebook or any of that.  I miss it and am really looking forward to the new year!  There will be lots in store, many changes and surprises.  I will be back on the east coast for a few weeks, with my family and taking some time off from everything.  Urbanic will still be open with regular hours, but my blogging will be a little lighter.   For now I want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and very Happy Holidays.

xo *A

photo / styling  by Janise Valise


post No.271 Library Collections

(pic 1) I just ordered these library collection box sets from Jack and Lulu for Urbanic and am very excited for their arrival!  Each volume comes with a series of colored notesets inside to match it’s box.  Also loving the branding elements by Stitch Design co. (pic 2) designed for a vintage clothing shop they were building identity for..

post No.270 Monday’s Friday at the Shop

This post was scheduled to be published on Friday but it has been crazy holiday-busy in the shop, so I never had a chance to put it up. That being said, here is my “Friday at the shop” post all ready to go for Monday morning coffee!


I feel lucky on a regular basis to be involved in such a creative industry. I also feel lucky that the quality of my mail is usually pretty amazing (people know I appreciate the effort!)  I finally got a chance to plop down on my sofa and open up some holiday mail and thought it would be fun to highlight some of the treats in my mailbox this season!

from the top:  little cookie card from Dyna at Girl of All Work stitched cloud from Jennifer at Tiny Pine letterpressed calendar from Emily and Rachelle at Wiley Valentine Star Garland from Gia Canali packet of pretties by Vane from Brooklyn Bride ornament stitch kit from the crew at Eggpress and felt punched card from Carina at Crow and Canary

post No.266 Holiday Party 2009

Last Friday was our annual Holiday party at the shop!  It was full of festive cheer, fun giveaways, a tower of cupcakes and some hot buttered cider with rum!  (partay!)  This year we were super lucky to have some special guests, our sweet friends from Sugarcube Press.  They brought along their 180lb. table top letterpress to our back yard and people got to manually letterpress their own holiday ornaments. It was as much as a fun as it was an educational experience.  A big and special thanks to Kelsie and Elizabeth for helping to make the whole night so wonderful!

post No.265 Cute things on my desktop

I have been sick for the last 2 days with some kind of stomach bug.  I think I’m at the end of it now, and it feels so good to wake up without achy bones and a headache!  Anyway, I am feeling these winter whites and festive cheer this morning.  Presently, I don’t have much of a Christmas decoration collection, but it would be fun to build on what i have.  That being said, I really want the peacock snow globe from West Elm!   ( Joshua are you reading this?  free hint! ).

snow domes from West Elm • little trees from Scissor Variations (check out her rad shop here) • gift tags  from low fidelity • party cones by print your party

post No. 262 .. and the winners are

I loved reading your comments on the holiday giveaway! A special thanks to all of you who participated. The 5 lucky winners chosen by are listed below! If you are a winner, please contact me with your mailing address.


prize No. 1 goes to Rachel who is grateful for her husband & the chance to relax

prize No.2 goes to MB Soverino who is happy to have her cozy Boston apartment

prize No.3 goes to Kelsey who loves her down comforters

prize No.4 goes to Melissa Leigh-who is thankful for her partner.

prize No.5 goes to Ashleigh with the “ultra sophisticated” cheesy onion recipe


photo found here