post No.266 Holiday Party 2009

Last Friday was our annual Holiday party at the shop!  It was full of festive cheer, fun giveaways, a tower of cupcakes and some hot buttered cider with rum!  (partay!)  This year we were super lucky to have some special guests, our sweet friends from Sugarcube Press.  They brought along their 180lb. table top letterpress to our back yard and people got to manually letterpress their own holiday ornaments. It was as much as a fun as it was an educational experience.  A big and special thanks to Kelsie and Elizabeth for helping to make the whole night so wonderful!


5 thoughts on “post No.266 Holiday Party 2009

  1. Monica – I noticed right away. What a change!
    Audrey – again, so sorry I missed it. Why is it the ONE Friday night we ever have anything to do is on the same night as your party? So unfair! But looks like you had a blast! So glad!!

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