post No.270 Monday’s Friday at the Shop

This post was scheduled to be published on Friday but it has been crazy holiday-busy in the shop, so I never had a chance to put it up. That being said, here is my “Friday at the shop” post all ready to go for Monday morning coffee!


I feel lucky on a regular basis to be involved in such a creative industry. I also feel lucky that the quality of my mail is usually pretty amazing (people know I appreciate the effort!)  I finally got a chance to plop down on my sofa and open up some holiday mail and thought it would be fun to highlight some of the treats in my mailbox this season!

from the top:  little cookie card from Dyna at Girl of All Work stitched cloud from Jennifer at Tiny Pine letterpressed calendar from Emily and Rachelle at Wiley Valentine Star Garland from Gia Canali packet of pretties by Vane from Brooklyn Bride ornament stitch kit from the crew at Eggpress and felt punched card from Carina at Crow and Canary


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