post No.286 Friday at the Shop – sweetness and light

It has been a lively and productive week here at the shop!  We sent out our January newsletter, the Valentines window install went up (thanks again for all of your ideas on this!) and we received shipments from Night Owl, Regional Assembly of Text, Russel and Hazel, and Midori.  Now, looking forward to a sweet weekend.

wishing you the same!


p.s  “sweetness and light”  is a nickname my mom has called me ever since I was a little girl.  The way the photos came out this morning  seemed very fitting for this title!

{cupcake kit by Chronicle • emporium soap bar by Mor }


post No.285 hey thanks!

I Just wanted to say thanks to all of you who are my daily readers.  I love reading your comments and finding out who you are.  Another special thanks to these blogs listed below who wrote nice things about Urbanic + Parcel Post over the last few months.  It is an honor to be mentioned on such fabulous blogs!   xo *A

you can read what they wrote :

here on Ghost Dreams and Flower Things here on The Third Coast Bride • here on Little Room LA • here on Caribbean Journey •  here on After the Artists Way • here on The Sweetest Occasion • and here on Dain & Mallory

post No.284 Tyler

When I work wedding appointments in the bridal lounge I interview the couple first to find out what they’d like the look and feel of their wedding day to be. Then I ask them to describe what style reflects the two of them overall.  If they aren’t sure, I throw out some terms to see if they identify with one (ie. ‘vintage modern’, ‘classic timeless’, ‘rustic romantic’ etc)  If the word “cool” gets a thumbs up at any point, I head straight for my Alee book of invitations.  Each suite literally marches to it’s own beat. I love every single part of the collection, but today I am going to highlight “Tyler” because I’m feeling it.

Post No.283 Rain or Shine?

It has rained a lot in L.A. lately.  People kind of treat it like a snow day when it pours since it very rarely happens (I love this- the snow day part).   Today it’s supposed to rain, but something about the sun beating down through the skylight of the store tells me it probably isn’t going to  happen.   * sigh. *

C’est la vie!

{update 3:29 pm.  It’s pouring!}

umbrellas by tray 6

post No.282 Fit for a Queen

I love coming back from buying trips for the shop because I get so excited for all the new finds we have coming in!  Arriving at Urbanic any day is this new office collection from Russel and Hazel – I am really into how regal all of it is!

above: single subject notebooks in 3 royal colors black, purple and gold

binders of all sizes-  the R+H signature, medium and the adorable minis

If worth nothing else at all, these spines take the cake. I want all of them on my shelf now!  (lined up like soldiers of course)

post No.281 Spread the Love

I did this photo shoot for Friday’s post but ran into like 800 obstacles and never got to put it up- so here it is for Monday.  Our Valentine’s selection this year is crazy!  I think it is the most we have ever had in the history of Urbanic and you totally feel the love the minute you walk in the door. *Also* there is double the love because we are donating 5% of all January/February Valentine sales to the Red Cross Relief fund for the people of Haiti. It feels good to spread the love far this year. Below are some of my favorites!

seahorse card and ‘you’re a keeper’ by smudge ink • pic # 2 both cards by eggpress • tunnel of love by o-check and the balloon couple, birds and pop quiz are by regional assembly of text

above- seriously one of the best cards ever invented!  In case you can’t read it the quiz asks  – My feelings for you are like … a volcano, finding money, a good parking spot, skinny dipping, sweat pants, popping bubble wrap, a wild tiger, a home run, one million butterflies.  You fill in the blank!

above: bella donna soap by Mor • vintage love postage stamp envelope by Treehouse Collective (the postage works!) pink bikini girl by Fugu Fugu, and gear heart by o-check.  below: for those of you who are not feeling Valentines this year there are even options for you…  sad girl with balloons by Red cap • ‘valentine’s should be cancelled pop quiz by Regional and  f** valentines by Ella Studio (I sincerely hope nobody is offended by the last one -i was hilarious how beautiful the shot came out!)

post No.280 Jasper by Mae Mae

It’s Wedding Wednesday over here at Parcel Post and today’s feature is this dramatic and sunshiney set of reception detail stationery by Mae Mae.  I’ve had Mae Mae in the shop for a while now, but her new collection for 2010 rates a 10 on the creative scale! I’m so excited to show you more from this designer so stay tuned!

Post No.280 the Jour Notebook

I’ve had several people inquire about the picture of the The Jour Notebook by O-check I posted about here. I thought I would attach a few more pictures so you could see how cool the pages are inside.  We’re currently sold out of them at the shop but expecting a new shipment any day.  If you’d like to order one let me know and I’ll grab one for you when the box arrives and ship it out to you! 

post No.278 Friday at the Shop, well kinda…

Today I’ll be downtown shopping the L.A mart to order some new things for Urbanic.  If you’re on twitter, you can follow my finds today right here.  If not, you will find them here at Parcel Post soon enough!   I’m leaving you with a pic I took from my phone of this gorgeous notebook by o-check.  The pages are full of interesting old pictures, graphs, lines for writing and days for planning.

Have a great weekend friends.


post No.277 Valentines Inspiration

Now that the new year is officially underway, I am getting into the mode of Valentine’s Day.  Today I need to figure out the direction of our next store window. The 2 pictures below are my current inspiration for it.  I am definitely feeling the idea of a paper garland incorporated with something natural, and I want to go alternative with the colors instead of the usual pinks and reds….. like black!  If you have any ideas, send them over would love to hear from you. In the meantime, I’ll keep you posted!.

happy monday * A

paper garland by Frazier & Wing • heart stationery by Paper Cut Industires

post No.276 Friday at the Shop -2010 New Year’s Cards

Hope you have all had a great week so far!  There has been a lot going on around here getting back to work.  Today, I finally finished sending out the last of our New Years Cards.  I posted the reasons I do this here and just now realized (as I was linking that) I finished on the exact same day last year.  Anyway, this year we sent out 2 cards, our family cards and Urbanic cards. I really love how they both came out.

The family cards were printed by Paper+Cup and the photo was by our friend the amazing Paul Esposito!

Our Urbanic cards were a design collaboration of myself and the very talented JL who graces us with her perfection to detail at the shop daily!

If you haven’t noticed I am all about those address labels!

post No.275 Voyage by Paper + Cup

One of the best parts about my job is getting to work with my friends!  Joshua and I have a special bond with Min and Tru of Paper + Cup and love having their line in the shop!  We recently brought in their latest wedding collection, Voyage, to offer our brides.  It is a flat printed album (as opposed to letterpress) but still has the charm, sophistication and specialness of high end stationery- without the price tag!  Here are a few of my favorite suites from the collection…

from the top: Chloe, Abby, Boarding Pass, Luanne and Kathryn

* by the way, we are busy these days booking appointments in the bridal lounge. If you would like an appointment for January or February, contact us here.*

post No.274 Luxury! by West Third

I am giddy with excitement about the new product on order for Urbanic right now!  The new year is bursting with fresh design and I can’t wait to show you all of my finds.  Coming soon to the shop is this new pillar candle line from West Third. I admit I am a sucker for vintage inspired packaging, but have carried their line in the past and can vouch that they truly are LUXURY!

post No.273 welcome 2010 journey

Hi everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season!  The 2 J’s and I enjoyed some quality time with my family on the east coast. It was magical in many ways and I feel blessed to be so close with my sisters and parents. – this is something I don’t take for granted.  The below picture is of my father, pulling my son and my nephew in the snow.  I am really excited for the journey of this new year and my guess is that many of you feel the same.  Currently, I am working on brewing up some great blog posts for the week and ordering some exciting new merchandise for Urbanic– hooray!! You will be posted on all of this of course, but until then have a great day back to work.



photo by my talented sister