post No.277 Valentines Inspiration

Now that the new year is officially underway, I am getting into the mode of Valentine’s Day.  Today I need to figure out the direction of our next store window. The 2 pictures below are my current inspiration for it.  I am definitely feeling the idea of a paper garland incorporated with something natural, and I want to go alternative with the colors instead of the usual pinks and reds….. like black!  If you have any ideas, send them over would love to hear from you. In the meantime, I’ll keep you posted!.

happy monday * A

paper garland by Frazier & Wing • heart stationery by Paper Cut Industires


10 thoughts on “post No.277 Valentines Inspiration

  1. Hmmm… an alternate color scheme for Valentines Day… Hmmm… I’d suggest going with black, tan and white, with just bits of red as an eye-catching accent. So, maybe make your garland with black, tan, and white and have sparkly red drops hanging from it here and there. Something that says DRAMA. Oooo… a lovely harlequin-pattern backdrop — in black/white or tan/white — would be stunning. And maybe a large cut-out in black or silver of a chandelier? Or if you want more of a natural look, make a chandelier of twigs & branches (painted or not, it would be lovely!), with a few owls perched just so

  2. I love that garland! Maybe black and other neutrals with a soft shell pink. Vintagey & romantic. Instead of an all paper garland you could incorporate some little crocheted pieces? Or fun, washed out polaroids? Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  3. Every year, Susie throws a little Valentine’s Day party for our sisters. There are 5 girls in our family and it is a fun way to get together and get all lovey-dovey. We always seem to have hot pink in the mix, but one year she did a whole woodgrain and hot pink motif that I loved.

    We’ll be posting pictures of some of the parties on our blog in the coming weeks. Doesn’t help with your window dilmena, but you might enjoy seeing the pictures anyhow!

    xo Heidi

  4. hello… im from philippines and i enjoy reading your blog so much… your such an inspiration to me… i love the garland idea by the way… im sure it will look nice…

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