post No.281 Spread the Love

I did this photo shoot for Friday’s post but ran into like 800 obstacles and never got to put it up- so here it is for Monday.  Our Valentine’s selection this year is crazy!  I think it is the most we have ever had in the history of Urbanic and you totally feel the love the minute you walk in the door. *Also* there is double the love because we are donating 5% of all January/February Valentine sales to the Red Cross Relief fund for the people of Haiti. It feels good to spread the love far this year. Below are some of my favorites!

seahorse card and ‘you’re a keeper’ by smudge ink • pic # 2 both cards by eggpress • tunnel of love by o-check and the balloon couple, birds and pop quiz are by regional assembly of text

above- seriously one of the best cards ever invented!  In case you can’t read it the quiz asks  – My feelings for you are like … a volcano, finding money, a good parking spot, skinny dipping, sweat pants, popping bubble wrap, a wild tiger, a home run, one million butterflies.  You fill in the blank!

above: bella donna soap by Mor • vintage love postage stamp envelope by Treehouse Collective (the postage works!) pink bikini girl by Fugu Fugu, and gear heart by o-check.  below: for those of you who are not feeling Valentines this year there are even options for you…  sad girl with balloons by Red cap • ‘valentine’s should be cancelled pop quiz by Regional and  f** valentines by Ella Studio (I sincerely hope nobody is offended by the last one -i was hilarious how beautiful the shot came out!)

13 thoughts on “post No.281 Spread the Love

  1. You are so good to donate a percentage of your profits to the Red Cross. A perfect tie in for the RED of Valentines day. And I loved going from the sweetness of the sea horses, to the quiz to F* V Day!!

  2. Great to see my own Floral Postage Collage card among all the other lovelies! I’m also digging the Pop Quiz card and the Tunnel of Love ticket (reminds me of the Springsteen song). Even better is knowing that some of the love is going where it’s really needed : )

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  4. Loving this blog– it is beautifully designed, thoughtfully written and the photos are awesome! I’m especially tickled to see my F*ck Valentine’s Day card on here! 🙂
    Thumbs up on the Red Cross Relief Fund- you guys are the best!

  5. Ah just got the pop quiz “my feelings for you are like…” card, I love it! I know this is a ridiculous question, but are you really supposed to fill it out before giving it? It says “number in order of importance” but is that necessary? I feel like it will take away from the card but don’t want to confuse my beau. haha thanks 🙂

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