Post No.283 Rain or Shine?

It has rained a lot in L.A. lately.  People kind of treat it like a snow day when it pours since it very rarely happens (I love this- the snow day part).   Today it’s supposed to rain, but something about the sun beating down through the skylight of the store tells me it probably isn’t going to  happen.   * sigh. *

C’est la vie!

{update 3:29 pm.  It’s pouring!}

umbrellas by tray 6


5 thoughts on “Post No.283 Rain or Shine?

  1. Oooh tray 6. Do you remember when they used to create “custom” umbrellas – you pick the color/design? That was awesome. I have one that I am so paranoid of leaving behind on the train. It’s the best umbrella ever.

  2. I would LOVE custom umbrella! I hate that everyone uses a stupid black umbrella. As if it wasn’t already so dreary out. I want one of these sunshiney ones! Nice job A, as usual.

    ps – LOVE your customer quote !!!

  3. I’m in Louisville, KY and it’s been raining or snowing forever, we haven’t seen the sun in nearly 3 weeks. Want to trade?

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