post No.301 Cupcake Kits!!

We recently received a shipment of cupcake kits at the shop that are so cute it’s painful! I placed a re-order today and thought I would share them with you.  They are made up of all the good stuff in life.  … you know, like robots, kittens, ballerinas, mermaids, dinosaurs, baby animals etc.   You can check out the other styles  right here on the Urbanic facebook page.


12 thoughts on “post No.301 Cupcake Kits!!

  1. Ack! I NEED THESE!!!! And I looooove your list of all good things in life. I usually shorten mine to puppies and kitties, so I love the addition of robots and mermaids.

    • Hi Merry, at this time we are not shipping to the UK. Hopefully we will be adding this to our shipping options in the next few months. We will definitely be in touch with you when we do. thanks, *Audrey

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