post No.326 Friday at the Shop

Some beauties from around the shop…

happy weekend,

{ photos by parcel post }

7 thoughts on “post No.326 Friday at the Shop

  1. Hello! I was in the shop for the first time on Monday night. I live in West Hollywood and don’t get to Venice much. I’ve been reading the blog for a while and decided to stop in while I was in the neighborhood for a show at the Stronghold across the street. I ended up buying a cute little notepad and 2 cards. One for my mom’s b-day and one for mother’s day. Very cute shop you have there! 🙂

  2. Just found your shop and blog.

    Really, really lovely…I’m crazy about the Stay Golden card above.

    I’ll be in L.A in May to visit my best friend, and I’m definitely going to stop by!



  3. Can you advise what the lovely first photo is of? It looks familiar, but I cannot place it. Also, are you able to tell me the price of the notebooks in the second photo, and the books in the third (as well as if those books are BOOKS, or blank books)? And if they can be shipped?

    Your photographs of the items in your shop always get me drooling. I’m still after those cupcake sets if you still have them!


  4. I live in San Diego and I will make sure to visit your store the next time I am in the Venice area. The notebooks in the second photo are my favorite. I love the paper!

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