post No.328 Kate Spade Postcards

This morning I went outside for a morning walk and everything smelled so good outside.  Inspired by Spring I put on a striped T-shirt and pulled out my Kate Spade Paper Catalog to do some ordering.  I know, I am a total dork,  but all this to say I’m feeling this cute postcard set and can’t order it fast enough for the shop!


6 thoughts on “post No.328 Kate Spade Postcards

  1. oh i just adore these kate spade prints. my sister & I covet them. It’s Bella Foster. I devoted a post to her myself. So sweet. So simple. Love. xo

  2. Hi, would you tell me that this post card’s Kate Spade Item# if you know? The number is combiend two letters and four numbers. I have been looking for these a while. If you have some extra, I am willing to purchase them. Please let me know. Thank you!

    • Hi Hisako, We are sold out of this item and they are no longer available to us since it was a style from last year. You best bet might be to write into the kate spade website and see if you are able to purchase from them directly.
      thanks and good luck!

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