post No.399 The Parcel Post turned 2 Giveaway!

I can’t believe Parcel Post just turned 2. Since I started this blog in 2008, it has added another dimension to my life in so many good ways.  Thanks much to all of you who read regularly. Your comments and friendships add sunshine to my days.  Now it’s time to celebrate with some giveaway prizes!  …

TO WIN: all you need to do is leave a comment to this post stating 2 things you would like to accomplish this month. Three winners will be randomly selected and announced here on Parcel Post Monday 5.10. Each winner will receive one of the below prizes check back here to see if you have won!

: and the prizes are :

PRIZE No.1 A custom rubber stamp made just for you from Paperwink – from one of the styles I wrote about here.


PRIZE No.2 A set of Polaroid Notes by Chronicle (see another picture here)


PRIZE No.3 A Russel and Hazel signature or mini binder – from this post


good luck!

xo *A


139 thoughts on “post No.399 The Parcel Post turned 2 Giveaway!

  1. oh, i just love this blog. i don’t always comment…i think it’s my effort to resist temptation! the beautiful things you feature in this place are always tempting 🙂 happy 2 years!

  2. I would like to accomplish a lot this month! I would like to finish designing my save the dates, and get our wedding website live! (but not to mention booking the photographer harpist and officiant!)

  3. 1. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to get the surgery booked that I have to have on my foot *owww* so I won’t have to limp or be in pain anymore. It’s a loooon, painful healing process and I just want to get it over with! I wanna get on with my life!

    2. I want to finish working on my 2010 Olympic & Paralympic Games journal. It’s about 70% finished and I want to get all the amazing meomories recorded before I forget! I was rubbin’ elbows with athletes and carrying the Paralympic Flame. Good times!

  4. Well, I think I have more than 2 things to accomplish for sure, but I’ll share these top two chores I’m working on:
    1.) A redesign for my blog, & 2.) Deciding on a name for the little boy I’m carrying. 🙂

    Your blog is always fun to read.

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  6. Happy blog birthday! This month I’d like to finish the first four weeks of a Couch to 10k running program. (I started this morning!) I’d also like to make significant progress towards opening an Etsy shop. Yay!

  7. Happy Happy Blog Birthday! (You get two “happy”s cause you’re 2)

    Two things I would like to accomplish this month are 1) clean my office! I need to purge some clutter to get some mental clarity! and 2) make it home from work by 6 o’clock every friday, a challenge from the BF, and since he and a cocktail will be waiting for me!

  8. Congrats! This month I want to finish landscaping my garden and get half of the wedding invitations addressed for one of my bride clients.

    PS: I just ordered a Paperwink stamp from Urbanic when I was in LA last weekend. Can’t wait for it to arrive!

  9. Happy Birthday to you!!! YEAH!

    My two things I want to accomplish this month:
    (1) complete another move successfully without damaging any more furniture or loosing any more boxes

    (2) finish up my etsy shop biz plan/guidelines so I can actually be up and running once we’re settled

    thanks for the chance to win!
    catherine s.

  10. 1) Get my mother’s day card in the mail (bought it at Urbanic on the weekend… so cute!)

    2) Reread the “Eat” section of “Eat Pray Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert before my trip to Italy in June.

  11. Cute giveaway! My two items:
    1) Take more time for de-stressing and relaxation, and really allow myself it — so whether that means going to a yoga class, riding my bike, having a chat with a friend, or just reading a good booking, allowing myself time for me, because I haven’t been doing a lot of that lately.
    2) Book a wedding day-of-coordinator (which should, in turn, help with #1)


  12. Great giveaway! And congrats on hitting the two year mark — that’s a big step!
    I’ve got so many things that I not only want to accomplish this month, but *need* to get done! With my wedding coming up in June, everything has a deadline!
    1. Finish sewing bird gifts for wedding guests
    2. Finishing touches on Mother’s Day gifts for my mom and TheFutureHusband’s mother, too!

  13. Congratulations! 🙂

    The two things I will be accomplishing this week are:
    1) Applying to Graduate school! So exciting and terrifying at the same time!
    2) Creating a wonderful gift for my incredibly talented & darling Mom! 🙂


  14. 1. Pass my trademark law final. It has been hounding me.
    2. Buy a wedding dress! It has also been hounding me, but I don’t mind quite as much.

  15. 1) finish sewing a yoga mat bag and yoga teacher’s kit for a friend who just finished teacher training.
    2) learn a new crochet stitch, or two.
    thank you!!!!

  16. Happy Anniversary!

    I want to take more photographs so that my friends far away can keep up with my day-to-day life (at least 4-5 a week). It will also force me to appreciate the beauty that surrounds me each day.

    Secondly, I’d like to reallocate my 401(k) portfolio.

  17. So many “May” things to do, so little time:

    1. Celebrate my Mother (May 9th) by showering her with plenty of love, a thoughtful card, and a day of laughter!

    2. Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with a festive dinner for my girlfriends…margaritas, mariachis, maize (oh my!)

  18. Congrats on 2 years!!

    Only two things?! I just wrote a list of to-dos this morning that has at least 50 things for this month. Yikes! Here goes… 1. Either get our newly defunct dryer fixed or get a new one. 2. Get our flue cleaned. Pretty mundane, but both are very necessary.

  19. Congrats on two years! (Oh no, the terrible twos!)

    My two goals for the month:

    1) Get back in touch with the two people I’ve been avoiding contact with (not because of anything bad, just because of general busyness). Maybe an adorable return-address stamp will distract them from my delinquency?

    2) Get through this month of birthdays, Mother’s day, graduations, Communions, and showers without forgetting anyone.

    What are your goals for year No. 2?

  20. Oh gosh. I am moving to San Francisco later this month. I’ve been an east coaster my whole life and I’m nervous, excited, and every single feeling in between. I’m hoping to just take deep breaths and calm down a bit this month. I’ve been in a whirlwind since I found out I’d be relocating- and all on my own! So two things I’d like to do: chill out, and make an honest effort to explore and learn about the city, as well as make some brand new west coast buddies!

  21. 1. complete a baby quilt for one of the babies i know that are arriving this summer
    2. get on a law journal!!

    thanks so much for the giveaway. happy 2nd birthday!!

  22. I couldn’t imagine a more fun contest to enter! I’d love to finish assembling my wedding programs this month–and to finish all my final papers before June. Happy 2 year anniversary!

  23. Two is too cool! You go A!

    Let’s see, I clearly need to get back on the horse about keeping up on my blogs. I have let it all slide and I am way behind. So that is the first thing I need to do this month.

    Second, since I took out my paints yesterday and had such a lovely time with them, I vow I need to paint more!

    Happy Spring!

  24. Happy 2 years!!!

    The 2 things I want to accomplish this month are:

    1) Making it thru my wedding (on May 29th) in once piece and experiencing the bliss of marriage.

    2) MAJOR spring cleaning! (this likely won’t happen as I am still working on spring cleaning from 5 years ago…ha)

  25. I just discovered your blog recently and only wish your store was down the street. I so enjoy my virtual window shopping via your blog. 1. Organize my vast insane amount of photos 2. And not go crazy while doing it:)

    PS have you ever considered doing a on-line store as well. There are so many things I would love to order:)

    • Hi Cynthia,
      thanks for asking, and yes, we are working on it. 🙂 I will definitely keep you posted on the blog and you can also sign up for our store newsletter. *A

  26. Happy Anniversary! Here are the 3 things I’m hoping to accomplish this month. 1) Train for the 10k mud run that I’m signed up for in June 2) archive all my son’s kindergarten work and art for the year and 3) Eat more organically!!

  27. 2nd Birthday or Anniversary? That is the question. Cheers to both. This month? Let’s hope for finishing my wedding album and locking in dates for a trip with my husband. The former is more likely than the latter unfortunately. xoxo

  28. Happy Anniversary! Let’s see…two things I would like to accomplish this month:

    1. Complete my ceremony script and vows.
    2. Compile all the photos I took with Flat Stanley and ship him back to Wisconsin in one piece!

  29. Happy Anniversary, and thanks for hosting this giveaway. This month I’m hoping to find a veil and hairpiece for the wedding, and find a suit for my 6’7 fiance!

  30. Well since I’m getting married in June, I definitely have more than 2 things on my to-do list for May, but I’ll limit myself to 2 just for you:

    1. Finish assembling ceremony programs
    2. Thank you notes for wedding shower gifts

  31. 2 things I hope to accomplish this month:

    – get my patio ready for late spring / early summer
    – start my herb garden on my patio

    J’adore le printemps!!! xoxoxo

  32. Two things I’d like to accomplish this month are to:

    1. Organize my closet and decide what clothes I don’t need anymore and can sell/donate.
    2. Study for comprehensive exams.

  33. Happy anniversary!
    Two things I would like to complete:
    1 Designing the wraparound mailing labels/thank you cards for my best friend’s wedding
    2 Finish a book! It’s been FOREVER since I’ve really been able to read!
    Thanks for hosting this!

  34. 1. Study (a lot!!!) for my boards examination for medical school.
    2. Maintain my sanity while doing said boards studying.

  35. 1. Helping my fiance move into our first place together.
    2. Painting horizontal black and white stripes on the walls of our first place together.

  36. Congrats, Audrey!

    It is so apparent that you are dedicated to the blog- a difficult thing to fit in at times with work, family, etc….

    I would like to
    a) make it through the stationery show prep….
    b) go on a vacation as soon as possible after that! (which may or may not fall in the month of May- but I hope so!

  37. Miss you guys at Urbanic! Congrats on the 2 year mark.

    My goals this month:

    1. Make it to graduation.

    2. Win these prizes.

  38. Congrats! This month I’d love to 1. finally settle into my apartment and 2. finish the business plan and branding for a new little business I have in the works!

  39. Two things to accomplish this month…1). Set a wedding date, 2). Finish my catch-up work so I can go on vacation with some peace of mind.

  40. Congratulations. And besides the blog, your paper house is a lovely addition to the neighborhood.

    Great to read everyone’s goals. I wonder what “sewn bird wedding gifts” are!

    I want to get May’s work done before the last minute of May, and

    Make some progress designing the larger conceptual marketing plan.

  41. Happy Birthday!

    2 things I would love to get accomplished are:

    1. Get my oral surgery booked….and pray that it doesn’t make me go into crazy debt and that I won’t have a lisp on my wedding day!

    2. Check 5 things off my wedding “to do” list: Book my DJ (going into panic mode that I don’t have one yet!), get play lists set, take my wedding dress in for alterations, make all the favors for my guests, and send the invites!

  42. oh boy. my fave place to spend time, find fabulous items for myself and loved ones, and have a friendly chat with Audrey!! this month I hope to expand my client base for my business and get all my clients working steadily through the summer months while having a blast and looking uber chic with my Urbanic goods!!

  43. How time flies! Well done on getting to two, hope it turns out to be the terrific — not terrible — twos for you!

    Goals for May:
    1. make every effort to be in a situation that will facilitate pregnancy as often as possible (^.^)
    2. brush up on my Japanese for return to Tokyo (@.@)/~

  44. Lovely giveaway!

    This month I would like to:
    – go to Brimfield antique show for the first time!
    – have a picnic!

  45. Happy Birthday!

    This month, I hope to…
    1) Submit some animations to film festivals.
    2) Sew an apron from my great-grandmother’s 1960s pattern.

  46. This month I hope to:
    1. Begin working on a new art project (I’m dreaming of a special bird pillow, new apron or a painting that’s been swirling in my head).
    2. Practice love on the harder to love people that I come in contact with. They are there for a reason, I suppose.

    Congrats on 2 years! I love your blog and have been thinking about getting a custom stamp from Paperwink ever since your original post. 🙂

    You are a lovely and I hope you have many more fun years ahead!

    xoxo, Rachel from A Cupcake for Moose

  47. 1. Find a few good knit day dresses.
    2. Break in our new double stroller with walks to the park (in a cute day dress, of course!).

  48. Congratulations! My 2 goals for this month are to finish (start) my wedding thank you’s and to enjoy my vacation!

  49. hooray! i love parcel post 🙂

    1. hang up all my frames and canvases. i recently moved and keep putting it off!

    2. create a few birthday banners to donate to birthday wishes.

  50. What a lovely blog! Here are my two goals for the month:

    1. Improve my techniques using Adobe Flash (I love designing Websites and blogs).

    2. Write a love letter to my husband. Something I have not done in 5 years.

  51. Happy 2nd birthday, Parcel Post! I love the pretty photos on this blog and I love the store immensely! This month, I hope to make enough spending money for my trip to Paris & Portugal in June, and I also plan on re-designing my website. This site is a great source of inspiration!

  52. Happy 2nd birthday!! Thanks for the great giveaway!

    2 Things I want to accomplish this month:
    1. Find a real job so I can actually start using the brain I have!
    2. Get my mom a nice, expensive pair of sunglasses since she never spends money on herself!


  53. Two things I want to accoplish are

    1. Finish blocking a baby blanket that I knitted for my cousin, and send it to her.

    2. Reorganize my bathroom vanity area. Too many things on my sink.

    Your website is beautiful. Happy 2nd Birthday.

  54. Ohh happy 2 years! This is a great giveaway. My two things are

    1. Send out all my mail and reply to all my letters

    2. Get my Etsy shop up and running again.

  55. Happy Birthday Parcel Post!

    Here are the 2 things I’d like to accomplish this May:

    1: Take Polaroid photos of Kauai during my vacation with my “new/vintage” Polaroids that I won on ebay.

    2: Write letters to friends via snail mail…and of course use pretty postage.

  56. Happy 2nd birthday, Parcel Post! You show beautiful goodies! The 2 things what I1d like to accomplish this month:

    1. remove lumber from my cellar
    2. make a book for my friends based on theirs blog.

  57. Goals for this month::


    2. Start doing some personal hobbies, like painting and gardening… things I didn’t have time to do while in school!

  58. Congrats! Turning 2 is a big deal! What better way than to celebrate with an awful giveaway.

    Two things I would like to accomplish this month:

    1. Choose a paint color (I’ve been debating for a month already) and paint the living room
    2. Finish sorting for a mega yard sale in early June. we already have 4 boxes of treasures for someone else.

  59. My goals this month actually could apply to the next few months as well.

    1. Fix my room. My room badly needs renovation, the floor buckled when we had bad rains last year. Plus its pretty much being used as a storage place by my sister since she moved out. 😀 (Meaning…I have no room anymore!)

    2. Keep practicing my photography skills. I hope to get a new lens as well, this month.


    I hope I win the stamp, I’d totally use it to finally do what I’ve been meaning to do for years: put my name on all my books. 😀

  60. Happy 2nd Birthday!! Congrats on hitting the 2 year mark!! 🙂
    Two things I’d like to accomplish this month…
    One is to get organized. I have so many projects and things going on, notes all around, I need to get them all organized so I can be more efficient!
    And the second would be to finish the book I’m reading (an autobiography about the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia). It’s so sad and powerful…I’ve been so busy that it’s been cutting into my reading time, so I’d definitely like to set some time out to finish this tragic story.

    Anyway…thanks for the fantastic giveaway 🙂

  61. such a lovely giveaway. and congrats on turning 2!! what fun!

    things i’d like to accomplish this month:

    1. plant my starter seeds in my vegetable garden!

    2. write more cards/letters to those i love.

  62. This month is only a week in and already my ical looks like a jackson pollock. So what do i want to accomplish or what do i need to accomplish?

    1) NEED: I founded the first girls lacrosse team for Cincinnati Public Schools and I NEED to finish this season with my sanity intact. (20 12&13 yr old girls takes a toll on it )

    2) WANT: I want to jump start a summer lacrosse program like girls on the run that focuses on lessons of self respect, high self esteem and positive body image along side the sport. Its my dream to do this and opportunity to do so is within sight.

  63. This month I need to:
    1. organize my kitchen
    2. finish the family photobook. I’m only a year behind. (or two….)

  64. Happy Blog Birthday!

    2 things you would like to accomplish this month; (1) I would like to finally unpack those last boxes I have from moving into my new digs (which was 3 months ago) and (2) Calculate when I can escape from the office and make a surprise trip home to Upstate NY to visit my Mom and Dad.

  65. Hooray for terrific twos!

    This month I have to 1) send out wedding invitations; and 2) decide how much is reasonable to spend on our wedding cake.

  66. Happy 2nd birthday!

    This month, I want to find bridesmaid dresses for my wedding…they have been more difficult then my dress. And at the even of the month I want to celebrate my puppy having been in my life for 1 year.

  67. What a wonderful blog this is! I’m so excited to have found it and in time to be part of your drawing…
    1.) Make my first gocco print (all supplies finally compiled!)
    2.) Take a day to stare at the ocean and have a picnic on the beach. It’s been a while since I took a break and this is going to be the month…

  68. Congratulations on turning 2!! Woo hoo!

    Two things I would like to accomplish this month are (1) running in a 10K race and (2) Donate my hair for locks of love since its finally long enough!

  69. Happy Birthday Parcel Post! 🙂

    this month i need to:

    1) organize office/clean-up paper and electronic files at work as I am leaving my current job for another (same department)

    2) schedule fitness into my daily routine (and actually follow through and workout!)

  70. Man, I would be the happiest lady on earth if I could just get my laundry room cleared of all the laundry! The second thing is to play with my little ones more!

  71. Happy Anniversary!

    2 things I would like to accomplish this month: 1) finish designing new business cards to go along with my new site and 2) decorate more my apartment – been here for a year and still do not have real nightstands.

  72. Happy blogiversary!! Two things I want to get done this month are 1)Painting/refinishing an old dresser in my room to breathe new life into it and 2) Plant some new herbs in our garden (namely to replace the ones that died at the hands of my brown thumb).

  73. Happy 2 Year Anniversary! My dog turned 2 today too, what a wonderful day. Two things I would like to accomplish this month are 1) To help finish painting and putting back together my motorcycle so it is ready to ride in the warmer weather and 2) To send out 2 letters or postcards to friends a week to make them happy with a treasure in the mail. I adore mail and look forward to seeing what I received from the mail carrier each day.

    I also really like your blog & store very much.

  74. Congrats..2 years…hooray…

    2 things I would like to acomplish:

    1. settle on a venue for our wedding reception
    2. send handmade thank you cards to all those who shared their love for us ( my hugo and I) at our engagement party.


  75. I love your blog, and now that I live in LA I’ve visited your shop numerous times and I absolutely adore it. Congrats on 2 years!

    2 things I would like to accomplish: 1. Find a new apartment to move into (I have to do this one…) and 2. Successfully maintain/nurture my newly planted herb garden.

  76. Happy Anniversary! It’s such a comfort to read your blog, so thanks for all the inspiration and beautiful things you post regularly.

    This month, I’d like to 1) get my apartment more organized and 2) tackle some of the creative projects I have in my queue.

  77. big congrats on your anniversary! i heart this blog.

    two things I’d like to accomplish this month…

    1) finish putting together a coffee table book of our wedding for my mom
    2) finish writing a letter to our close friends’ new baby

  78. Hi and happy birthday!
    I have quite a few things I would like to accomplish this month but these two are at the top of the list:
    – take a proper course on Illustrator/Photoshop
    – add some letterpress design to my collection

  79. Oooh, thanks for the chance!

    1. I really need to finish up my wholesale catalog. I have been meaning to finish it for months. This month may be the one to make it happen (no pun intended). 🙂

    2. Cut down on my Starbucks habit. It’s gotten a bit out of hand.

  80. happy anniversary! beautiful blog and beautiful products!
    1. upload and order backed up photos of my daughter.
    2. try at least one new recipe each week.

  81. Happy 2nd anniversary!!!
    The 2 things I would like to do are…. survive the rest of the high school swim season (I’m a coach and the 25th of May is the last day)… and secondly get to the gym… at least ONCE by the end of the month… doable goals… and for a grande third… not to kill my Tomato plants until they make it into the ground…

  82. this month I want to finish 3 sewing projects and visit my boyfriend who has been deployed for the past 4 months!

  83. I love this blog. its so inspiring! My two goals of the month are to 1. design my wedding invitations and send them to print and 2. pick out my wedding dress!

    thanks for the opportunity!

  84. Happy 2 years!

    At the top of my list for this month is:

    1: going on a road trip to Orlando with my favorite ally.
    2: register for a short-term missions trip

  85. Congratulations, Audrey! A lovely milestone, and it’s certainly been an enjoyable journey with you so far.

    My two things… hmmmm… I’m going for not-so-ambitious here…
    1. Read a new book
    2. Clean up that mess at home (you know, the kind that results when you have a brilliant project in mind and it just sort of takes over… )

  86. i want those polaroid notes pa-retty bad.

    Goal #1. Pre-training. I’m going to start running, before I start REALLY running.

    Goal #2. Write more letters. I want to start being better at correspondence with extended family members. Boy, those polaroid notes would really help.

  87. I just found your blog and it’s AMAZING!

    Two things I want to accomplish!
    1. Moving into our very first home!
    2. Being a happy, motivated and supporting wife/mom for my husband and son!

  88. 1. Get married 🙂 🙂 🙂 I’m 2 weeks out!

    2. Make room for my new husband in our apartment, and in turn be more organized!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the return address stamps. Could use a new one!

  89. Happy 2 year Anniversary!

    Two things I want to accomplish this month are:

    1) Finish booking my hotels in Italy for my time there in June. Need to get this done this week!

    2) Update my resume so I can start looking for a better job when I return from my trip.

  90. Happy 2nd Birthday

    I love those Russel and Hazel notebooks, I think I might need to order some to keep records of my crafting/sewing activities.

    1) Finish a quilt for a friends wedding.

    2) Start a quilt I have been planning for myself.

  91. I am a textile designer and a baker and this month’s goals relate to those fields. In the month of May I hope to complete a conversational print about cakes and make a sinful triple-layer red velvet cake with cream cheese icing complete with dark chocolate shavings.

  92. happy anniversary! i really wish more lovely posts to come, because I sure love reading them…

    • This month, I want to travel somewhere Asia, I’m thinking of Taiwan.
    • Another thing that I want to do is to finish my inspirational wall =)


    1. I’d love to stat taking daily walks outside w/my new baby
    2. I want to finish the details on the baby’s room.

  94. Happy blog birthday! Two things I’d like to accomplish this month:

    – Finally whip out my sewing machine and make some new cushion covers out of some amazing fabric I bought -almost 6 months ago!-
    -Edit the hundreds of photos I take and upload, then promptly forget about. (Including photos of the above mentioned fabric!)

    xx Kit

  95. I just discovered your blog and it is candy to my eyes! My two things I would like to accomplish this month: send all the thank you and birthday cards on my list and drop a couple of pounds! Thanks for the chance at these fab giveaways!

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  97. As a Venice resident myself, must say I adore the shop and the blog. Both are quite well-edited. Two things I’d like to accomplish this month are:

    1. Give my own site a facelift and add recent projects
    2. Get new business cards printed


  98. Happy 2. Printed material is becoming more and more of a specialty; being in your shop makes me feel like a kid in a candy store.

    The 2 things I’d like to accomplish this month:
    a sunnier outlook on all of life (now that summer is just around the corner)
    finish updating my site.


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