post No.412 NSS pt.3

For part.3 of my NSS recap, I’m going to highlight a few of my favorite lines out of Brooklyn.  First up Enormous Champion.  (btw.- Love that Joshua was calling them “e-champ” at the show).  I ordered their amazing tea towels and of course all the new card designs, but a few show stoppers which also need mention are whale mobile and the wall art below…

Next is an action shot Ana took of Joshua and I at the moment we discovered Gold Teeth Brooklyn.  We were so excited to find them, we literally marched into the booth, plopped all of our stuff down, and announced that we planned to stay a while.

{pics by Ana}


6 thoughts on “post No.412 NSS pt.3

  1. Hey Audrey –

    Will you let us know when the tea towels come in? I want to get Animal Kingdom to hang on the wall in our nursery!

  2. enormous champion is my favorite! we have the our love is here to stay print above our bed. it makes me smile everyday.


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