post No.413 NSS pt.4

Next up in my NSS recap is Rifle Paper.  I’m thrilled to finally be getting this line into the shop. Noteworthy items we ordered include the hand carved recipe boxes, the 2011 calendars and the wedding invitation collection.  (woot!)


5 thoughts on “post No.413 NSS pt.4

  1. So many companies doing recipe cards. I’m really drawn to them visually. You’ve featured some darling ones. And I love the nostalgic sort of aspect of them. But question, does anyone use handwritten recipe cards anymore? I’m an avid cook and a self-professed “recipe whore” and I never use them. I’m all about organizing my recipes on the computer and using sites like Epicurious and Food & Wine to file away recipes and share them with friends. Would love to hear other people’s opinons? It’s funny too cause in some ways I am always “pen & paper before computer”, but when it comes to recipes, computer organization has won me over. Am I in the minority? Or majority?

  2. Hi Heidi,
    good pionts, and not quite sure yet what the reaction will be to this huge trend. many people ask us for recipe cards (mostly as gift items). I feel the same way about daily planners. Although I am a pen and paper type of girl, I am completely computerized for my schedule. However, we still sell tons of planners every year so thankfully it is not a lost art quite yet. 🙂

  3. I think one way I would use them is to pair one, filled out with a gift. For example, if giving a lovely bottle of olive oil, it would be nice to attach a card with a favorite vinaigrette recipe to make the gift more personal.

    I do hope that they still are used and loved! In fact, I have my mother’s box of recipe cards (she passed away 30 years ago) and I love looking at her writing on the recipes. There are even a few in there that I wrote out as a small child.
    It’s a wonderful connection to her and to the past and to some favorite recipes from my childhood!

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