post No.414 NSS pt.5

I can’t believe it’s Friday already. This week flew by WAY to fast.  Below are a some cute shots from a few of the booths we visited at the show. Looks like I will have a bit more coverage next week of the NSS since I am only half way through.

Until then, happy Memorial Day weekend!  xo *A

Bird Dog Press A favoriteCat SetoSparkThe FoundEggpress Two Trick Pony

{pics by the amazing Ana}


4 thoughts on “post No.414 NSS pt.5

    • Hi Bean, (Sabena is that you?) It is a new 2011 calendar by Cat Seto. We should be getting these into the store in about a month. They are really cute! See you soon.

    • Again, I am not so sure? It is obviously wisdom material, but James might be using it in both ways, as to Christ, both righeous and innocent. And of course the rich, etc. *I don’t see James as the &#2#o0;blo2d&88221; brother of Jesus, but as either the son of Joseph (the Orthodox), or as his cousin (Rome and the West).

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