post No.433 y.e.l.l.o.w

Maybe it’s because I’m craving lemony things lately, or because I had a crazy nights sleep and need burst of color to get in front of my foggy brain this morning, but whatever the reason, these things are making me happy today. Now, I’m off to tackle a huge day at work and hopefully find a tasty lemon bar somewhere…

present bunting by french toast friday |  notebooks by russel and hazel | office print by katie kirk}


post No.432 going places

I’ve been daydreaming about a solid vacation lately, so this morning I’m posting all of these “mappy” finds over at Brooklyn Bride for my bi-monthly guest post.

Happy Monday,


vintage trophies + map award – roberta grove | save the dates + map wedding invitation set for Carlsbad California – nothing but bonfires | pencils – etsy | heart cards – not on the high street | wedding invitation set w. Texas map – Martha Stewart | thank you labels – kis for calligraphy

post no.430 Urbanic Bridal Lounge on WV

Our Bridal lounge is featured on the Wiley Valentine Blog today! In case you didn’t know we had one, this is the little parlor in the back of the shop  where we sit down to meet with our brides and grooms to look at invitation options.  A ton of creativity takes place in this little room. Definitely one of my favorite parts of this job.  click here to read all about it.

A big thanks again to Rachelle for featuring us on her awesome blog!

post No.428 “A Day at Urbanic” on WV

Have you ever wondered what an entire day consists of here at Urbanic?  You can find out right here on the Wiley Valentine Blog.

Wiley Valentine was one of the very first companies I started working with when I opened Urbanic.  Over the years I’ve been lucky enough to become close with the W.V girls.  They have brought (and continue to bring) sunshine to many of my days.  When Rachelle asked me to do a guest post for her maternity leave, I was delighted at the opportunity to contribute to their amazing blog!

*A big and special congrats to Rachelle, Michael and baby Piper!*


post No.427 Father’s Day 2010

I can’t believe I forgot to post my Father’s Day favorites from around the shop this year!  Well, there’s always next year, but for now here are a few great ones we had in from Hammerpress.  Store stuff aside I just wanted to say that I know how lucky I am to have the kind of father that I do.  He is a huge creative inspiration in my life and someone I have always looked up to on many – many different levels.  On the same note my husband could not be a more loving, caring and fun, father to our son. I realize I’m very blessed to have them in my life and hope to honor both of them with this post.

Here’s wishing my father, my husband and all the wonderful dads out there, a very happy Father’s Day today.

post No.426 Friday at the Shop

Hope all of you had a good week.  Mine has been a bit crazy to say the least.  I’m realizing I need to tone down the pace a bit. I didn’t sleep a wink last night, and am paying for it today. Oy.  I’ll be back next week (hopefully refreshed) to highlight the latest!  Until then, have a great weekend. *A

{photos by my friend Bonnie Tsang}

post No.424 Curious Chocolate

I’m SO wishing I could sell these chocolate bars from Curious Chocolates at the shop!  With packaging like this and with candy bar titles like,”grateful”, “joyful” and “mouthful”,  they seem like a perfect match for Urbanic.  Alas, I cannot, beacause they are made in the U.K, and there are some packaging requirements that make it complicated.

However…  I just realized They also have a line of greeting cards that share the same look! Perfect! I’m on it…

post No.422 Friday at the Shop

I realize that many of you may not be on Twitter.  For those of you who aren’t I decided to put up an occasional re-cap of some of the pics I post during the week on our urbanic twitter account. That way you aren’t left out on some of the latest happenings. *please excuse the photos, they were taken from my phone *

fun packages that arrived this week in reds, whites,+ blues from Wiley Valentine and Tom’s

amazing new calligrapher that jut came on board at Urbanic (more on her soon!)

coconut cupcakes, the flavor of the week from Frosted for Cupcake Saturday at the shop

cute favors we made full of Urbanic goodies for my dear friend Liz’s  baby shower

new recipe cards from Wiley Valentine


H A P P Y   W E E K E N D !!!!

xo *A


post No.421 Fine Feathered Friends

Lately I have been into parrots.  I have no idea why.  A month ago I would have said “ugh they are so 8o’s” … but for whatever reason I’m all the sudden gravitating towards their artful airiness. Probably I’m in desperate need of a vacation, but until then, I will just get it out of my system with this post.

{above – vintage postcard + kobo candles}

post No.418 Friday at the Shop

It’s Friday at the Shop! First Friday as a matter of fact, so most of the shops, restaurants and galleries on Abbot Kinney are getting ready for the evening of late night festivities.  We will be open until 10pm tonight, so swing by and say hi if you are in the hood. Today’s post has to do with a vision I recently had to have a Cupcake Saturday banner made that we could hang out front of the shop each week.  I contacted Milla Love – (since she is the queen-bee of banner making) and told her what I had in mind. Today she emailed me a few photos of my job in progress, so I thought I’d  share them with you.  Hoping to have this beauty hung by next weekend, but not sure as it still needs to come across the pond.  Will keep you posted. Until then, have a great weekend,  xo *A

p.s While I was at it, I ordered some of the birthday banners shown below for the shop!

post No.417 H I T C H E D

I have been up to something lately and so glad to finally be able to share it with you!  On a recent trip to Palm Springs with some of my favorite girls, I got to chatting with my friends Paige and Kelly about the huge void in the wedding industry for well curated wedding events and a lack of such that seemed personal, with character or FUN.

SO… on our road trip home we came up with the idea to launch our own yearly event…  and Hitched was born!  What’s our drive? Out of the box innovativeness. We want this to be super rad. A yearly event. A place where brides/grooms can find a fresh voice. A new wedding community. A movement, if you will.  This is not an expo prototype, but a party for brides/grooms.  An introduction to anaz idea that your wedding/reception can be FUN, not stuffy and overproduced.

We have a date, a venue, a website and an AMAZING list of participants.  The fun is just about to begin!  We will be unveiling each vendor a few times a week on our bingo squares.  If you can guess who one is, we will send you a prize (a good one!).   We’ll be posting clues on our blog and twitter page so if you think you figured someone out – email us .

Oh yeah, and as of *right now* you can get your tickets here!


post No.416 NSS pt.7

Although in reality I have about 3000 more pictures I want to share with you from the NSS, I need to finalize my summary so I can start highlighting the product that is pouring into the shop right now!  That being said, here is pt. 7 (the final recap post).

{from the top:  Kate SpadeBoddingtonL2 CraneOh So Suite •}

* one last special thanks to my amazing, rad, pretty sister for Ana for shooting the whole show for me.*