post No.417 H I T C H E D

I have been up to something lately and so glad to finally be able to share it with you!  On a recent trip to Palm Springs with some of my favorite girls, I got to chatting with my friends Paige and Kelly about the huge void in the wedding industry for well curated wedding events and a lack of such that seemed personal, with character or FUN.

SO… on our road trip home we came up with the idea to launch our own yearly event…  and Hitched was born!  What’s our drive? Out of the box innovativeness. We want this to be super rad. A yearly event. A place where brides/grooms can find a fresh voice. A new wedding community. A movement, if you will.  This is not an expo prototype, but a party for brides/grooms.  An introduction to anaz idea that your wedding/reception can be FUN, not stuffy and overproduced.

We have a date, a venue, a website and an AMAZING list of participants.  The fun is just about to begin!  We will be unveiling each vendor a few times a week on our bingo squares.  If you can guess who one is, we will send you a prize (a good one!).   We’ll be posting clues on our blog and twitter page so if you think you figured someone out – email us .

Oh yeah, and as of *right now* you can get your tickets here!



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