post No.418 Friday at the Shop

It’s Friday at the Shop! First Friday as a matter of fact, so most of the shops, restaurants and galleries on Abbot Kinney are getting ready for the evening of late night festivities.  We will be open until 10pm tonight, so swing by and say hi if you are in the hood. Today’s post has to do with a vision I recently had to have a Cupcake Saturday banner made that we could hang out front of the shop each week.  I contacted Milla Love – (since she is the queen-bee of banner making) and told her what I had in mind. Today she emailed me a few photos of my job in progress, so I thought I’d  share them with you.  Hoping to have this beauty hung by next weekend, but not sure as it still needs to come across the pond.  Will keep you posted. Until then, have a great weekend,  xo *A

p.s While I was at it, I ordered some of the birthday banners shown below for the shop!


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