post No.471 the Urbanic turned *4* birthday givaway

That’s right, Urbanic turned 4 this month! Let’s celebrate with some prizes …

TO WIN: all you need to do is leave a comment to this post stating a fond birthday memory you’ve had. Four winners will be randomly selected and announced here on Parcel Post next Tuesday, August 31st. Each winner will receive one of the below prizes …so check back here to see if you have won!

: and the prizes are :

PRIZE No.1 – A variety 4-pack of colored bakers twine. 15 yards of each.


PRIZE No.2 – A yellow owl workshop rubber stamp kit from this post.


PRIZE No.3 – A trio of Japanese masking tapes, blogged about here


PRIZE No.4 – A 7year pen from this blog post


Good Luck!

xo *A

{birthday illustration by Zara Picken}


143 thoughts on “post No.471 the Urbanic turned *4* birthday givaway

  1. Birthdays are the best! A favorite memory was from when I was 8 or 9. I had a princess party, and everyone came in fancy dresses, we had a castle cut-out for pictures, and my dad dressed up as Merlin!

    Happy birthday to you, and fingers crossed for these wonderful prizes!

  2. Cute prizes – thanks so much for the chance! Once of my favorite birthdays was when my parents transformed our basement in to a jungle for my party – it was pretty cool!

  3. Happy birthday, Urbanic!

    My fondest birthday memory would be during my 5th birthday when my parents gave me a giant white teddy bear, and I had two birthday cakes. Best birthday ever!

  4. The birthday I remember most vividly is my 13th birthday. It was my first birthday after my parents’ divorce and my sister (twin) and I were living in an small apartment with my mother. We were each allowed to invite one friend and we ate pizza, popcorn and cake and watched the video of the making of the “Thriller” video over and over again (hello, 1983)! Although it doesn’t seem like anything special now, it is definitely the one I remember the most!

  5. My favorite birthday memory was that of my 40th. When my husband flew my entire family into Denver from the east coast (I’m one of 7). I was shocked to find them all in a stretch SUV limo outside of Hotel Monaco. We were whisked away to fine dining followed by a weekend full of fabulous fun memories. Oh yeah, did I mention I cried with joy when I peeked into the limo? To see all those familiar faces … oh what a Birthday!

  6. happy birthday urbanic!

    anyway, one of my fond birthday memories: this past year, I went to a japanese restaurant and they played a “happy birsday” song and gave me a balloon hat and took a polaroid of me in it. 🙂

  7. Oh the prizes are too cute to use!! Thanks for the giveaway!

    My fond birthday memory: My bf and friends took me to the beach and magically brought out a mango shortcake 😀 The funny part is that it was so windy, the candle cannot maintain lighted up as we took photo, so it was like one person holding the cake box cover, the other person count 123, cheese!

  8. my fondest birthday memory was just last year – I got married! At 9:00am on 09/09/09 in fact! We dressed to the 9s, and had a tiny ceremony in downtown Chicago, followed by a city landmark-filled photo session and a dim sum lunch in Chinatown. My best friend becoming my husband is the best birthday present I’ve ever received!

  9. happy birthday!!

    one of my favourite birthday memories was a surprise party that my friend and mom planned for me. my friend told all of our other friends that i loved cheetos so everyone showed up with a bag of cheetos! i was in heaven!!

  10. Happy birthday! My favourite memory is from when I turned forty. My husband was away, my teenaged children had plans (Mums don’t have birthdays do they?) so for my birthday supper I had a box of fudge and a pot of tea. When you’re forty you can eat whatever you want.

  11. How sweet of you…
    One of my fondest memories is when I turned 12, my parents had little extra money but my dad had stayed up nights {after I was in bed!} & made me a bookshelf!I loved it {I felt like such an adult :)}. I was completely surprised & I can still remember the sweetness of it all to this very day — almost 20 yrs. later!

  12. oh my, can these prizes get any cuter!

    my fav. bday memory is coming down stairs on my 18th birthday to a mini homemade card my drew for me. 9 years later i still carry it around in my wallet and it makes me smile to think of my dad.

  13. I love the stamps! Happy Birthday to Urbanic 🙂

    My fondest birthday moment was of my 21st birthday this year, my friends and I created an Alice in Wonderland-themed party complete with DIY decorations and homemade food. Everyone dressed up in a classy vintage theme and I even received a toast. We had a blast!

  14. My favorite birthday memory is from my 17th, when my friends and I drove three hours to see Ben Folds and John Mayer together in concert. Exhilarating freedom, and precious memories of my friends.

  15. Happy Birthday, Urbanic! Thanks for continuing to provide lovely images and inspiration on a daily basis!

    One of my favorite birthday memories was a Popple* cake my mom made for me from scratch. I was little, maybe three, but I still remember how awesome that cake was. My mom still remembers how difficult that cake was to make! 🙂

    * Popple refresher:

  16. My favorite birthday was one year my fiance took me to Cuba, and I spent my birthday having a massage, drinking mojitos, and a sunset walk on the beach with the man I love! What can be better than that!

  17. Probably my favorite birthday memory is actually that of my little sister’s 4th birthday in June. We went out to eat at a little diner, and she thought the waiter was “soooo cute!” She continued to shout “Hey, Cutie!” to get his attention when her chocolate milk was low. She sure acts like a 4 year old [with a 20 year old big sister] doesn’t she?

  18. one of my favorite birthday memories has always been my fourth birthday party — i was so into elephants that i had an elephant party. nowadays, i’m pretty impressed that my mom pulled off an elephant party!

  19. I just spent a fabulous weekend with my bestest girls from my childhood, high school and college in Santa Barbara celebrating my 30th! However, my favorite birthday memory would probably be sitting with my sister when we were young, watching TV hoping that it would make the time go by faster so our birthday parties would start!!

  20. my favorite birthday memory was my 9th birthday. my parents took all my friends and I to my favorite restaurant, Olga’s, then we went to the movies and to top it all off, all my friends spent the night.

    thanks for the giveaway. all the prizes look great!

  21. I love Birthdays. Why? Because it is the perfect opportunity to get your closest friends and family together for a happy fun filled day creating a lasting memory for all to take home. My fondest birthday has to be when I was turning 14. I lives in Pacific Palisades and my parents made my birthday location a scavenger hunt so my friends and I had to find the party by visiting various locations across town until we found it. Along the way we had a stop at the Temescal Cyn Park where we had to do water balloon tosses, egg runs, and other silly games before moving on to the next clue. August is also my birthday month (29th – same as Michael Jackson, RIP). Although I am a bit older than Urbanic Venice, I feel just as young, although I do not provide as wide a variety of colour, crafts, or organizational options.

  22. My favorite birthday memory was in 8th grade. My birthday party was at the mall…we had a scavenger hunt! The best part was that the items we collected throughout the mall were sent to our troops overseas (this was during Desert Storm).

  23. One of my favorite birthdays was a surprise trip to Sea World in San Diego from my now husband that included swimming with dolphins!

  24. happy 4th!
    last year JC & I biked to Gjelina for my birthday, and of course I was just expecting it to be the 2 of us, and it turned out that he had invited 8 of my friends to join in the celebration. I was completely surprised and delighted!

  25. This is going to be difficult: picking just one fond memory to share. My parents always ensured I felt special and loved, especially on my birthday. My husband now continues that tradition, to include special treats today (it’s my birthday too!!)

    I think I’m going to have to go with the birthday before my deployment. My friends threw a huge luau-themed party for all the August/September babies, and we all had a great time. The fond memories of that event sustained me throughout my time in the desert.

    Actually, I can’t recall one disappointing birthday. Regardless of my situation, I always look forward to celebrating yet another year on Earth.

  26. Last year I took a birthday roadtrip to Las Vegas with 4 of my closest girlfriends. We blasted Journey on the way there, I met my boyfriend at a nightclub, and we all had a great time. What more I could I ask for?

  27. For every birthday until I was at least 12 I insisted on making my guests do a donut-eating contest, where the powdered donuts hung from strings, strung from our laundry line across the yard, and you had to finish yours first – without using any hands! I remember having a face full of powdered sugar and laughing uncontrollably with my friends, every year.

  28. Happy Birthday to you! I fondly recall my 9th birthday as one of my best. I have my 3 best girlfriends over for a sleepover and received the teddy bear I had been wishing for – who turned out to be my best childhood treasure ever. I still have that bear!

  29. My favorite birthday memory was just this past year when my boyfriend made a surprise visit to the first night of a writing workshop I was teaching… he showed up with candlelit homemade cupcakes for everyone! His mom was taking the class, so she was prepared with a camera in hand to document it all.

    Happy Birthday Urbanic!

  30. my 13th birthday was my first boy girl party. it was terribly awkward. my parents cleared out the living room and there was dancing. it was the first time i slow danced with a boy. and my pesky little brother was hanging around embarrassing me!

    happy birthday urbanic! i love you woolens!

  31. My fondest birthday memories are the ones that involved parties at the local pool. I remember getting my first two-piece swimsuit just for one such party. My friends and I learned to dive in the deep end and the smell of the water dripping on to the hot concrete is forever burned into my brain. The fact that most of these parties were caught on videotape by my mom just enhances the memories.

  32. My favorite birthday memory was a roller skating party I had when I was 10. All of my friends came over decked out in neon pink and we roller skated the night away in our unfinished basement. Then we had party games in the family room and my cake looked like a boom box! So tubular…heehee!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  33. I remember my fifth birthday, my golden birthday. My Mom hired a clown, which I wasn’t so sure about at first until he pulled miles of streamers out of his mouth. Wow! As the birthday girl I got to keep them–looking back on it now, how gross! I also got a tent for that birthday and a hello kitty suitcase–guess who went ‘camping’ every night?!

    Happy Birthday to you all–what a lovely shop indeed!

  34. Yay for birthdays!! And guess what?! Today is my UN-Birthday!! How coincidental… All joking aside, my fondest birthday memory was my 6th birthday party. I invited no less than 10 of my closest little girlfriends. My mom decked out the house in carnival decor and created real arcade and carnival games for us to play in, for PRIZES! Which are the BEST thing a 6 year old and ask for… OH, AND I got a puppy that year, so wonderful… Now if only my 26th birthday were to be like that…

  35. Six months before my 30th birthday, I realized that I didn’t want to be here. I had been spending my post-college twenties in a misdirected haze. I’d done everything that I’d set out to do: followed the path that had been paved for me since childhood, studied things, practiced things, excelled at things, sights squarely and firmly fixed upon the horizon. I secured a safe job, surpassing rungs on the ladder, dated sensibly, comfortably, nibbled at the edges of life, restrained and subdued. While friends were journeying to foreign lands upon voyages of self-discovery, or falling in love with the wrong guy over and over again, I traipsed the path straight and narrow. My entire life was being colored within the lines.

    Six months before my 30th birthday, I realized that I didn’t want the next thirty years to repeat themselves. I was hankering for some serious, drastic, no-messing-around, never-again-the-same change. And it turns out that change is easy. Do you know how long it takes to up move to a foreign country? It takes about eighteen minutes. Eighteen minutes to sit at my office desk one morning, buy a one-way flight to Europe, post a notice online to sublet my apartment, and email my friends and family to let them know that I’d be needing some help packing.

    Six months later, I was in London. Land of the Victoria & Albert Museum, Central St. Martin’s College of Art & Design, Rob Ryan, The National Portrait Gallery, The Courtauld Institute and Pimm’s (ever heard of them? Me neither, until I made the leap and moved there). I celebrated my birthday by walking around the city and then joining my new flat-mates at a nearby pub. I awoke the next morning with the very first hangover of my adult life and stayed in London for the next four years, working in a whole new field, dating and falling in love amidst a whole new landscape, and wholly and actually living for a change. And I looked back that morning – I looked back at all of those birthdays before that one. All of the birthday presents and birthday songs and birthday candles being blown out, without one decent wish having been catapulted toward the universe. I stood there wide awake, looking out of the window at the gray, rainy streets of London and I hummed… Happy Birthday to me… Happy… Birthday… to… me… and I kept humming as I filled the kettle, lit the stove and reached for the teabags.

  36. oh, what an awesome giveaway!

    happy birthday!

    one of my fondest birthday memories is when my twin and i got brand new bikes! our cousin brought her bike over and we all went riding around the backyard in a circle…
    of course, we wore our party hats!

    another fond memory… throwing my friend ben a surprise party! it was amazing!

  37. Urbanic has definitely made my birthday card giving better over the past 4 years!
    I would have to say the roller rink parties of my youth were a definite favorite!

  38. Since my birthday is also in August ; ), I used to host a movie under the sky in my front patio for my birthday. We even had a concession stand and red carpet for the entrance. Those were the good ol’ summer days : ).

  39. hooray, urbanic! birthdays are fun.

    my favorite was my 6th. i woke, my mother dressed me up, & i found in the backyard my dad & my uncles building me a new swingset.

    it was also the scene of this:

    cheers to another year,


  40. Happy Birthday Urbanic!!

    I had to take the SATs on my 16th birthday. Not a super fun memory, but it got me into college, which allowed me to get a great job coming out of school and to meet my future husband, so looking back, it was the perfect birthday!

  41. Happy Birthday to the shop that instantly makes me smile and get giddy with creative possibility every time I enter!

    I have many fond birthday memories, but just a few days ago, I took my mother out for her 63rd birthday. I took her to a really nice, swanky restaurant with excellent food and wine – a place I could just barely afford. I sat and watched her enjoy every morsel, her eyes light up at every plate’s presentation. To see my mom – who deserves the world for raising 3 kids on her own – enjoying herself so much, at a place she would never take herself, was such a gift!

  42. Happy Birthday to you!!

    One of my fondest birthday memories was on my 14th birthday. I had just started a new school. One of my best friends (who could drive!) said he would pick me up to take me to an event he had invited me to a few weeks before. He said he needed to stop by his house on the way because he forgot something. When I walked inside, it turned out that that he and my sister planned a me a surprise birthday cookout party, inviting my friends from my old school and new ones!!!

  43. I remember my 12th birthday very fondly. My Mom and her friend put together and served a very “grown up” luncheon for me and nine girlfriends with elegant linens and china and a very chic 60’s menu: creamed chicken and petite veggies in vol au vent pastry shells, grapefruit sections and avocado with poppy seed dressing, crescent rolls and the piece de resistance, a “Barbie” doll like cake with the skirt made out of the frosted cake. I loved it all. And I got my own record player in a large white leather suitcase! Gee, girls were a lot younger at age 12 in those days. I was blessed.

  44. Whoa, awesome giveaway! A fond birthday memory is my nana baking me apple crisp for my “birthday cake” because my birthday is December and I can’t get the only kind of cake I like, ice cream cake! Haha.

  45. So many memorable birthdays but one of my favs was my friend Wendy’s 30th “interpretive dance” birthday! Nothing like some silly times with good friends!

  46. I had a horrible Sweet Sixteen, so I vowed never to have another birthday celebration after that. I decided that from then on, it would be low-key birthdays from then on, with no fanfare, cake, or anything. My friends thought otherwise.

    For my 17th birthday, my boyfriend (at the time) wanted to make sure that I actually celebrated. About a week before my birthday, we were out running errands before seeing a movie. He told me he had to pick up a cookie cake for a friend’s birthday the next day. Before we went to the movie, he wanted to drop it off at his house. I love cookie cake, so I remember being really excited that I would get some the next day. As we walked down the stairs, I turned the corner and there were a ton of my friends there. He had decorated and planned everything so that I would have a real birthday. He had to do it a week early so I wouldn’t suspect anything.

    A week later, the day before my birthday, someone rang my doorbell sometime in the evening. My best friend was there and said he wanted to take me out to dinner for my birthday since he wasn’t going to be around the next day. I was in sweat pants and had just come out of the shower, so I told him I had to change and put on makeup. He said not to bother, he wasn’t going to judge. Anyway, he took me to a Japanese steakhouse, and as we were walking into one of the little rooms, I saw someone and thought, “wow, that looks just like my friend, Jessie.” Turns out it was! He had also planned a little surprise get together. He told me he didn’t want my 16th Birthday to be my last memory of a birthday.

    I’m just so greatful that I have people in my life.

  47. After I turned 16, my brother and I were sharing a car. He was off to college right after my 17th birthday, so I was hoping that I would get some wheels of my own. My parents went on a trip to NYC about 2 weeks before my birthday. They came home and told me they had a present for me, and handed me a little jewelry box. Expected earrings, necklace, etc. I found a key instead. It was such a surprise! I am glad they made it into something unexpected, it made it sooo much better!

  48. Gotta love those birthday cakes baked by my grandma. One year she made me a heart shaped cake with pink frosting and red hots. Yum.

  49. One of the most treasured memories is that when I was 3, my parents celebrated my birthday at a carnival. I loved eating cotton candy and going on rides with my dad. I haven’t been to a carnival since.

  50. In 2007 I had a going away/slash birthday party thrown by my friends. I was leaving to go to Ecuador for a year and they threw me the best party ever. I had cupcakes, sparkler candles, and every one of my favorite foods. I loved it.

  51. love these prizes and love what you have to do to get them 😉
    my most memorable (not most fun) birthday was when I was 12, my parents took us on a safari park in Spain. The goats (yeah, goats on a safari) were walking around the lunch area and one of them bit me in the butt! Pain, tears and 1 week of pillow sitting…but I’ll never forget!

  52. My birthday is this month too, Urbanic! I’ve been thinking about this kind of thing lately.

    I think one of my favorite birthday memories was the time I got to see The Princess Bride for the first at my party after my dad had told me the story as a series of bedtime stories when I was recovering from my tonsillectomy. CLASSIC.

  53. Happy Birthday Urbanic!
    This memory is for my daughter’s 2nd birthday. Since she loves Japanese mochi and the color pink, I arranged mochi in a circle for her “cake” and included candles in the middle.

  54. Happy Happy Birthday! My fondest birthday memory had to be when I was 13, and my mom set up this amazing scavenger hunt throughout the mall. She let me invite whoever I wanted, and I remember just how much fun my friends and I had, and what a trooper my mom was! 🙂

  55. my favourite birthday memory is not my birthday! I remember sulking all through my brother’s fifth birthday. There are some very funny photos of the happy birthday boy, with a miserable sulky girl in the background, mainly in the shadows.

  56. Happy Birthday Parcel Post!!!!

    My fondest birthday…
    This last year, actually.
    I went on a weekend camping trip to Big Sur with some close friends and my brother.
    Before we left, my sweet (and broke student) boyfriend presented me with a surprise gift: A green vintage schwinn bike!!!
    I was so surprised and so excited! (still am!)

    Anyways, Big Sur.
    It was amazing. My bf decorated our tent as a surprise and brought kazoos to “sing” happy birthday to me.

    We all opened a great bottle of wine and had gouda and other cheeses on the beach while watching the sunset.

    It was truly an epic birthday.

  57. My favorite birthday memory: My best friend, who hates sports, surprised me with Cubs baseball tickets a few years ago. Sammy Sosa hit a home run in the first inning and I was in Heaven. My BF had a great time people watching and I enjoyed every minute of the game.

  58. My birthday was last Sunday. I was in a strange city, alone and in a hotel. I bought myself a beer to celebrate, but the room did not have a bottle opener…a lovely young man from room service came up and opened my beer…and wished me happy birthday…the kindness of a stranger (a large block of chocolate and trashy tv) made my day!

    Tanks for this opportunity, and happy birthday to you!

  59. Happy Birthday Urbanic… I love reading Parcel Post! My favourite birthday memory is when my husband proposed in London, three years ago. 😀

    Would love to win one of the lovely prizes…

  60. Joyeux Anniversaire !

    One of my fondest birthday memory is a beautiful and very touching letter my Grandma sent me.

    I was young but her words still have an impact on my life now.

    Happy Birthday again !

  61. my childhood birthdays in michigan always arrived with a blizzard. luckily the neighborhood kids would don their snowsuits & come over for food & games in the basement. : )

  62. Happy birthday! I’ll be in LA this weekend & will come in to visit!

    Favorite birthday memory: my 4th birthday and my 2-year-old cousin locked himself into a screened pie safe my parents had. No one noticed he was gone until almost 2 hours later, when my aunt freaked out. Meanwhile my cousin had gone to sleep in his little den.

  63. I will never forget my 10th birthday. I walked into our dining room decorated with balloons and crepe paper, and me in my red party dress, to a little bag. Inside a bag was a white fuzzy…puppy! A sweet little bichon I quickly named Molly after my favorite doll. She was an incredible dog and the best birthday present ever!!!

  64. My 11th bday rocked! My mom made all my favorite Russian foods, it covered the entire table. My friends came and we ran around outside, then there is a picture of me with my presents and most of them were pink and purple! And, I wore overall sorts and miss-matched socks!

  65. congrats on your 4th birthday! i can’t wait to one day visit your shop. growing up, i had a very happy birthday tradition. i would invite my friends over for a huge water balloon fight and end the afternoon with a giant strawberry cake from the same bakery each year. my mom, sister, and i would spend HOURS filling up what felt like hundreds of tiny water balloons. and every year, i still think of that delicious strawberry cake.

  66. I love birthdays! My last few birthdays have been great . . . my fiance somehow always tricks me into thinking he didn’t have time to get me a birthday present, but then surprises me with a great gift anyway. And I fall for it EVERY SINGLE TIME!

  67. Wow, congrats!
    Some of the best birthday memories are from when I was living away from home for University and my family would drive up to me every birthday and treat me to lunch and gifts! It was great family time and I felt so lucky to have everyone joining me on my birthdays! Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  68. My favorite birthday memory has to be this last birthday I asked my whole family: dad and brothers too…to go watch Eclipse with me! Dad was not too happy but went along anyway my older brother did not complain. It was so fun to go to the movies all together, something I don’t think we have ever done together as a family. That was a great birthday memory I will always cherish!

  69. Happy Birthday Urbanic! My favorite birthday memory was from when I turned 6 – I had a tea party-surprise party with all my friends dressed up and a perfect Barbie birthday cake!

    P.S. I LOOOOOOVE the mustach 7-year pen! I hope I win!

  70. Wishes for a delightful year Urbanic! All your goodies are scrumptious. For my 23rd birthday my husband took me shopping for a new dress so we could “go out to dinner.” Like James Bond in a thriller he somehow had friends come into our house, prepared a table with appetizers and drinks all while I dolled up. After a few hours at our house we went dancing in LA for the evening and ended the night with a Del Taco run at 3am. It was fabulous!

  71. Happy 4th Birthday! My favorite birthday memory…. Probably my 30th when my friend Ricky hosted for tons of folks and we all stayed up til 2 am the night before making homemade polenta for the event.

  72. A favorite memory is always wrapping Christmas presents for my daughters–they are now 27, 29, and 30 but I still do this–I buy throughout the year as I find little things that I think they’ll love and then I tuck them away. As it gets closer, I wrap the presents and I try to choose colors/patterns that they’ll love and be-ribbon each and every one. The ones from ‘Santa’ get special PRINTING so as not to give away any secrets and there are gifts from ‘the dog’ etc….On Christmas morning, their faces just light up–still…no matter what the gift is and their stockings are oftentimes the most treasured. These memories of them are strong and mighty and I cherish each and every one of them…it is their appreciation and joy and awe of life that makes me so proud to be their mom.

  73. Fave birthday memory is last year. My husband surprised me with a weekend trip to SF! Woke up to a sweet card next to my pillow with the note to pack a bag, had no idea where we were going until we got to the gate – so fun!! Totally unexpected and thoughtful. My birthday is usually skimmed over since it is right after christmas and new years, so that was so fun!

    Happy Birthday to you guys!!!

  74. Happy Birthday Urbanic! Hmm a fond birthday memory…I would have to say that one of my favorite birthdays was when I returned to college from winter break on the day of my birthday. I was kind of bummed that I had to travel from CA to NYC that day instead of spending it with my family. When I got to my dorm, three of my friends surprised me by taking me out to dinner at a cute little restaurant. They even had gifts for me! I was so touched because I didn’t think they knew it was my birthday and it turned out to be a wonderful night 🙂

  75. wow 4 years! Happy birthday!

    My favorite memory is the ‘surprise party’ my family tried to throw me when I turned, but wasn’t good at keeping it a surprise… my mom left the invitation out where I could see it haha. I did act surprised though!

  76. My favorite summer birthday memory was when I was about 6. We had family friends over with family back when we lived in Taiwan and just a simple tub of ice cream with candles to beat the heat.

  77. When I was in grade school my mom made a birthday cake shaped like a stereo but purple and with jelly bean buttons (picture available upon request) and my party guests made marshmallow sculptures and then went on a birthday scavenger hunt throughout my neighborhood following clues that my friend’s mom wrote and hid. Although the big 26 or Alexapalooza 3 (which is what I started calling all my birthdays after moving to Cali) was a good one in which all of my friends and I headed for Medieval Times for an evening of eating with our hands and yelling at every knight that rode by.

  78. happy birthday!!!! and what great giveaway gifts. a few are things that are already on my wishlist (those awesome pens…and baker’s twine). one fond birthday memory i had was from my most recent birthday. i turned 3-0 and my best friend showed up at my doorstep (she lives in wi, i live in ca) to whisk me away for wine tasting for my birthday. it was a nice surprise and so sweet of her to plan.

  79. Happy Birthday! My husband-to-be kissed me for the very first time on my 25th birthday. And my next birthday will be my first as a wife 🙂

  80. happy birthday Urbanic! love the cute cupcake mobile hanging in the shop to set the festive mood. one of my favorite birthdays was spent in israel & my friends and i went to this odd ski/indoor ice skating/recreation center/spa called merkaz canada & then had a dinner party at our tiny apartment.

  81. i would have to say that it was my 9th birthday where my parents surprised me by inviting over 8 of my friends for a skate night at the roller rink followed by a sleepover. it was so neat to see them all arrive 1 by 1 for the party and i had no idea what was going on!

  82. My fondest birthday memory would be when my then-boyfriend (now husband) proposed to me on my 28th birthday. He didn’t have “the ring” yet, but gave me this beautiful figurine of 2 mice with the boy mouse hiding an enormous ring behind his back. The figurine was appropriately titled “I have a question for you.” (We are both born the year of the rat according to the Chinese Zodiac.)

  83. Happy Birthday!!!! My favorite b day by far was this years bday. I spent my b day in summer school abroad in Tuscania, Italy, and Viterbo. My roomates made me a b day poster and bought me a card and a cake! One of my roommates bought me a watch that I had been eyeing on the way to school. I went to a cook out then had dinner with 3 of my class mates. I was sad because I spent my b day away from my bf but when I got home i spent the day with him to celebrate my b day and he proposed. So he gave me an engagement ring for my b day!!!!!!! I was the best!!!

  84. Happy birthday Urbanic! One of my favorite birthday memories was the year I turned seven and had a Little Mermaid-themed party. The best present I got was actually from one of my brother’s best friends, not one of my friends – a pink Barbie camper trailer!

  85. Happy 4th! A birthday memory I love is from my watermelon themed party, where were were allowed to spit watermelon seeds to see whose went the farthest! I also still adore the handmade outfit with watermelon fabric that my mom made.

  86. A few years ago, DH and his parents insisted on taking me to the Grand Canyon for my birthday. My family drove past it several times when I was young and my dad always refused to stop – he just wanted to get where he was going.
    DH got us a room right on the rim in the park and we celebrated a simple but stunning weekend. One of the best so far!
    Happy birthday to Urbanic!

  87. Happy birthday Urbanic!

    Fondest birthday memory was my 21st – having to work all day, then my friends surprising me with a week’s worth of celebrations.

  88. I used to have these yummy ice cream birthday cakes with cream roses on the top, made by a local dairy company. They stopped making them when I reached my teens and I was so sad.

  89. My party at the water park when I was in 3rd or 4th grade. My parents took me a couple of friends to the water park near our house. I thought it was the best thing ever.

  90. I remember having a birthday party at a place called policeman’s park in Miami. It was a very small scale amusement park for kids and I thought it was wonderful!

  91. When I was 4, I fell down and scraped my nose on the pavement, leaving a big mark. My dad later thought that it was frosting from my birthday cake and tried to wipe it off.

  92. my 30th birthday was one giant surprise. i was considering going to a movie with my hubby and our close friends. when we arrived at their house, waiting for me was everyone i knew, including my parents and friends from out of town. no one had ever given me a surprise party before. i stood there dumbfounded because earlier that day i discovered i was pregnant with my first little boy. i knew the only words that would possibly tumble out of my mouth were “i’m pregnant.” so, i was speechless. i’m never speechless. it was the most memorable day of my life.

  93. Happy Birthday, Urbanic!

    One of my favorite birthday memories was actually my mom’s birthday. She’s a huge Wizard of Oz fan and so we set up a surprise birthday for her at our house. I’ve never seen someone so shocked before! Even better, I had written a little poem telling her she was going to the Wizard of Oz festival in Indiana that she thought she was missing out on for yet another year in a row, and in lieu of gifts everyone gave a little monetary gift so she’d have spending money when she arrived.

  94. woohoO! i love birthdays!
    one of my favorite birthday memories was a couple years ago. My roommates and boyfriend teamed together for a shindig in the back of our apartment with lights and balloons swinging from tree to tree and really fun foood. and a pinata! hoorah for pinatas!

  95. Happy birthday Urbanic.

    My favourite birthday memory was when I turned 18. I wasn’t feeling the best and just wanted to do something nice. My boyfriend came to my house with a huge present of anime dvds like Spirited away and Howls Moving Castle. I’ve never felt more content.

  96. hmm….that’s a tough one. but after some serious debate i would have to say that my best birthday memory was my 21st birthday. it was spent with the most amazing friends in the world on the day of the iowa state university vs. university of iowa football game…a huge rivalry as you can imagine. iowa state, my team, won the game and never even scored a touchdown. field goals only, five to be exact! my friends and i celebrated by rushing the field and laughing until our tummies hurt. it was beyond fun.

  97. Happy Birthday, Urbanic! Woo hoo!

    My most fondest birthday memory was my 16th birthday when my parents gave me the best puppers in the entire world, my pomeranian Q-Tip.

    Thinking about the moment I first laid eyes on him the first time all those years ago gives me goosebumps 🙂

  98. Among my favorite birthday memories is my 21st birthday. I was spending a semester at a different university and was only 3 days after starting the semester and meeting all new people that this landmark birthday occurred, which forced me to make fantastic friends ever so quickly so they could help me celebrate.

  99. I spent one birthday on a family vacation, it felt so special to be traveling and see all that family for my bday. I was 9.

  100. My fondest birthday memory is of my 28th birthday. It took place in Naples Island, Long Beach where my friends and I went kayaking. After a casual lunch, a smaller group of us headed to a campsite near the mountain ranges near Lake Isabella, where we ate a delicious cake by the campfire. The next day, I went mountain biking for the first time with my friends. It was a fun-filled, adventurous birthday that I will always treasure!

  101. My favorite birthday was about three years ago. I worked with my sister and we were both taking half the day off. After we left, I surprised her by taking her to a picnic on the beach. She never even noticed the goodies and basket I’d stuck in the back seat!

  102. My 14th birthday party where my mom took me and about seven of my friends to the foot spa. And afterwards to tea!
    I’ll never forget the feeling of being so “grown up” as that moment.

    Happy Birthday Urbanic!!! *happy dance*

  103. What fun! One birthday favorite is that I’ve had a Carvel Ice Cream cake every year as long as I can remember. Nothing beats those little chocolate crunchies in the middle!

  104. my best birthday memory is of the cassette that my brother recorded for my 10th birthday – with him playing his teeth, his cheeks, a kazoo, and the trombone, as well as impersonating James Mason and singing operatically. It was wonderful.

    Sadly, we lost him at the so so young age of 60, just a month ago. I miss him oh so much but I love the memory of that “double figures at last” birthday gift.

  105. In Hawaii we say “Hauoli La Hanau”!
    Happy 4th Birthday Urbanic 🙂

    When I was a pre-teen my mom let me have a slumber party at a condo, chaperoned by my older teenage cousins. There were no boys allowed but somehow some managed to pop up on our doorstep. I remember my friends and I getting all giggly and spying them from a window on the second floor.

  106. My favourite birthday memory: I was turning 10, and requested an “Italian” themed party. My very busy Mother, who was working full time, spent days cooking for the party – the cake was a special ice cream and cake concoction (cassata) and she made everything from scratch.

    I was waiting out the front of our house in my new dress (also made by Mum especially for the party ) three hours before the guests were due, I was so excited!

  107. My family owns a campground, and my birthday is the first day of summer, so on my eighth birthday I got to have a sleepover in the trailer. My parents made a bonfire and we roasted wieners and marshmallows. We played games like kick the can and had a treasure hunt. My favourite game was the fishing game, where they made my brother lay in the back of the truck, we casted the fishing line into the truck and he attached goodies for each of us. Tons of fun.

  108. I really loved Barbies when I was young, and when I turned 5, my mom got me a Barbie birthday cake! There was a real doll with the cake as her dress… so cute!

  109. happy 4th birthday! childhood birthdays are always the fondest. one special one was when i received my first cabbage patch doll.

  110. When I was 8 years old, my aunt gave me a beautiful pair of pink shoes with gray piping. I felt so special and pretty in them and wanted to wear them everywhere!

  111. Oh! This year (I turned 19) was one of my favorites. I went to a concert with my sister and a good friend, and his cousin turned out to be a schoolmate from first grade I had been looking for for ages!


  112. A favorite birthday party from when I was a kid was when I had a tea party birthday. We all dressed up in over-sized old-fashioned dresses and wore fats we decorated at the party. I loved it.

  113. Happy Birthday Urbanic!

    Last year for my birthday we went for a beautiful hike up Granite Mountain! It was a great way to celebrate my first birthday living in Seattle!

  114. One of my fondest birthday memories was when I turned 7 yrs old. During my birthday party, my mom turned on some music and the only boy who was there wanted to dance with all the girls, but we were too shy and would hide in the bathroom. Finally, we felt bad and one by one we came out and danced with him. It was fun after all!

    Happy birthday Urbanic!

  115. when my destitute high school friends spent their summer savings to take me to a dinner at the hotel bel air for my 18th. haha.

  116. What a neat giveaway!

    My fondest birthday memory is the birthday party my family threw for my 30th. They made delicious food, drinks and decorations. They also made sure to invite all my close friends, so we had a fab time.

  117. Happy Birthday!

    So many birthday memories to choose from…one of my most embarrassing was the birthday cake with the Joey McIntyre cake topper that my mom surprised me with. Only I was 17 and way too old to publicly like NKOTB!

  118. Happiest Birthday to my favorite store and ladies in the neighborhood!!

    The best birthday was this past Feb. when I turned 30 and my now husband proposed to me at a winery in Santa Barbara.

    See you soon!


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