post No.485 m.i.a

Posting has been a challenge for me lately.  There is literally so so much I want to share with you and new discoveries I want to write about each day, but it’s been super crazy to keep up with running the inner-workings of the shop, along with our recent lineup of events AND preparing for this new little one.  I miss being able to put up regular blog posts, and to all of you who read/subscribe to parcel post regularly, thanks for bearing with me as I’ve been a bit more absent these days.  I’m due in less than 2 weeks now and have my eye out for a blog intern to help me with some regular features.  If you’re interested email me here with some links to your work.

happy weekend friends,




14 thoughts on “post No.485 m.i.a

  1. forgot to add that reading your posts + visiting urbanic helps to give me the courage to do it all! run an amazing business + have children~ i’ve been worrying about the balance for a long time, but i can see first hand that it’s possible~ 🙂 thank you!

  2. If only I lived anywhere near you I would love to be your intern…:( but I’m in Atlanta. You are an inspiration and I am an addict for your site and posts. 🙂 Your doing a great job and congratulations on the little one. keep smiling because I can see it in your work. 🙂

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  4. You look absolutely GORGEOUS at 8.5 months! I hope your last few weeks are uneventful and that you and your little family have a magical time with the arrival new wee one.

  5. Oh darlin’ you look gorgeous! Hope you are feeling as good as you look! Never fear, your fans will still be here even if you tune in and out as you deal with your impending little one.


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