post No.497 book pages + garland

This holiday season I was thinking of decorating the store with some pretty things made up of neutral colors and metallics. Specifically I’m feeling the idea of the soft detailed look of old book pages mixed up with some sparkle and bling to make things festive. I went online to do a little research on how to execute the plan and stumbled across these different garlands that got me going on a few ideas.  I’ll be sure to unveil the final once we’ve devised the master plan.  xo *A

above garlands from : a study in french | erin dollar | west elm

4 thoughts on “post No.497 book pages + garland

  1. Oh my! The beauty you’ve captured here is just amazing. Thanks for sharing…now I’m wanting to go make some book page sewn bunting myself.
    Peace & Love,

  2. Can you tell me where you got the beautiful garlands and that you eventually used to decorate your window for the holidays? I want to decorate my Christmas tree like that next year!

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