post No.518 Holiday Giveaway

It’s that time of year again for our annual Holiday Giveaway!  I’m super thankful for all of you readers so I picked out these faves below from around the shop.  As always, I wish every one of you could win, but alas there will be 4 lucky ones.  TO WIN: all you need to do is leave a comment to this post stating something you’d like to give this season and/or something you’d like to get. (feel free to provide links if you have)  BTW. I had fun answering this same question right here.  The winners will be randomly selected and announced here on parcel post on December 30th  so check back here to see if you’ve won!

: and the prizes are :

Prize No.1 Cuddle Cider from Chewing the Cud. (this little sachet makes 3 gallons of warm goodness)

Prize No.2  the ‘Calm’ candle from Lollia (fragance of honey, sweet Hyacinth, earthen rooted Vetivir and Iris)

Prize No.3  The Paper Clip noteset from Kate Spade (12 flat cards stamped with a golden paperclip  and red lined envelopes)

Prize No.4   2011 Snow & Graham Calendar (blogged about here)


——- g     o     o     d         l     u     c     k ———–


{sorry folks U.S entries only}

86 thoughts on “post No.518 Holiday Giveaway

  1. i am making my cat a stocking this year filled with goodies! a mini slinky, edible grass…i think he’ll love it 🙂

    i would love to get lots of colorful tights, leg warmers, and socks this year. believe it or not someone actually WANTS socks! 🙂

  2. I want to get an iPad, Cuddle Cider, a calm candle, calendar and something from Kate Spade:)

    I want to give toys to kids besides my son who aren’t lucky enough to have a mother that spoils them with lots of love and/or can’t afford lots of toys and to keep giving my son lots of love and lots of toys & I gave my new husband (who’s fabulous wedding invitations were done with Urbanic) a Kindle for his birthday last week and now I want to load it up!

  3. I like to GIVE : sentimental, original gifts. One year I made earrings, one year I knitted scarves … last year, tiny windup music boxes with a special year blessing. ( I have something similar up my sleeve this season.

    I like to GET : children books, new music and dresses.
    Oh! And anything paper!

    Merry Christmas UPB + PP

  4. I love giving gifts and I love taking the time to find everyone the “perfect” gift, but its not the gift part i love its the wrapping. special paper, ribbon, and homemade gift tags.

    I would like a pair of Toms shoes for christmas. Not only would i be recieving a gift, but a pair of shoes will be gifted to someone else as well:)

  5. You store makes my heart swell–and I’ve never even been! There is so much eye candy on the blog and newsletters that I am insisting on a special trip to LA just for Urbanic in 2011. There, New Year’s Resolution in place!

  6. I’d like to give my husband something special to honor and celebrate the recent birth of our baby boy. Alas, I have really waited till the last minute on this one. I’m hoping inspiration strikes soon. Like, today!

  7. all i want for christmas is maira kalman’s “various illuminations”, cozy camp socks and a pair of sparkly earrings.

    i have moonshine and mix cd’s to give to those i love and admire.

  8. I would love to give my recently rescued American Staffordshire Terrier named Jogger a brand new home to live in! Of course, I’d live there too!

  9. I would love to GET a Kitchenaid mixer…maybe in Pistachio or Silver…and then I could GIVE delicious goodies to everyone.

    I also would love to GIVE my husband a pair of gloves so bright and colorful that he won’t be able to lose them the way he has lost his last 3 pairs!

  10. Dear Parcel Post – I want anything Kate Spade this year 🙂 I love her fun yet elegant twist on everything! I am also giving lots of note card sets, I don’t ever want the art of handwritting a note to go away!

    Happy Holidays!

  11. I would love any of these prizes!! I love the bags that are first, super sweet.

    In regards to getting or giving, I have children and I love to see their reactions to what is under the tree. I put a lot of thought into what I buy them so I am thrilled to see what they say and do.

    I have made or I am making a large variety of my gifts this year. It is more expensive to make them I am finding but that is OK as I love doing it and I know they will appreciate them!

  12. I would absolutely love to give all the women who reside at the Downtown Women’s Center in Los Angeles a wonderful and elegant Christmas Dinner in a lovely environment including live Christmas music.

    What would I like to get? The fulfillment received from being able to bear witness to and experience the joy of participating in the above.

    Thank you and…
    Merry Christmas!

  13. this year i am giving tickets to different shows to my family… and a pair of velvet shoes.

    i would love to get a thoughtful gift that means something to the gifter.

  14. amazing!!! i love these items, and i love your shop! i’d love to receive one of those beautiful rubber stamps you posted about earlier this week (!) and i’m giving my fiance a watch that he hasn’t stopped talking about for the past two years. should be a good christmas this year! 🙂

  15. I would love to get either a iPad or video game system (any of them I’m not picky) since I spent all the money I’d been saving on getting my car fixed (engine flush & new thermostat) you don’t want to know how much that was! I had to use all the gift cards I’d been saving (a couple of $10 & $25).

  16. I am hoping to get some gift cards so i can buy myself new normal sized clothes after i have my baby in a few weeks. i am so tired of wearing pants with elastic waistbands! (although thank goodness for them!)

  17. If I could only afford it, everyone would get something pretty from Anthropologie or Jonathan Adler.

    Me, I want a lot of things, but I would really love to get Type: A Visual History of Typefaces and Graphic Styles, vols. 1 & 2 by Taschen.

  18. I’m really excited about the yummy tropical scented Calypso candles and home-made sugar foot scrub I’m giving away to friends and family.. makes me think of Christmas ChaChaCha somewhere with palm trees strung with lights! 🙂

  19. I already got my Christmas present early, a Kitchenaid stand mixer, which I started using last week and hopefully keep using to make baked good as gifts.

  20. The majority of gifts I’m giving this year are handmade, if not by myself than things I purchased off of Etsy. Probably my favorite item would be the beard cap I crocheted for my husband. So cute and nerdly, I know he’ll love it.

    Thank you for the giveaway!!

  21. I am giving my mom an iPad, hoping it will be easy for her to navigate so she can email me back! I would like a pair of Sorel snow boots and to win one of your giveaways.

  22. im excited to give my family the letterpress cards i made them in my letterpress class this fall! our christmas this year is going to be simple and full of handmade things. i’m looking forward to getting to spend time with everyone!

  23. I would like to give our friends and family a true sense of our appreciation. For them to know how much we really treasure their support and kindness. Merry Christmas Everyone!

  24. I would like to give gifts of literacy for girls in developing countries…like buy notebooks or a classroom in someone’s name. Great gift!

    I would love to get a trip to Mexico!

  25. What wonderful prizes!! I would love to give my mom a great vacation for Christmas…..she really deserves a break from all the hard work she does……and I would love to get a house for Christmas! lol, definitely a long shot but it would be cool 🙂


  26. What I would truly like to receive is my annual Christmas box from my Mom sent alllll the way from NY filled with a variety of her homemade Christmas cookies. This is the first year of my entire life that I will not be spending Christmas in NY with my family so the package from her will mean that much more.

  27. give: i’m going to make a bridge out of vanilla wafers in baltimore so my friends and i can walk across the inner harbor in style.

    get: oh, you mean besides that lollia candle? i’d have ta go with beauty gifts. i like the bath and beauty gifts and treatments that people hesitate to give because they think it’s not thoughtful enough. those are my faves – but i’ll probably get the swiss army knife on my wish list instead; that’s okay.

  28. Great comments here…I want to give flowers every time I go to anyone’s home or event. Really huge arrangements. I think that is the best gift. I’d love to receive a really great quality but easy to use camera that also had video capability. I feel like I’m supposed to say a soy candle or a good night’s sleep though. 😉

  29. I would like to give: world peace. It seems I’ll actually be giving a lot of socks.

    I would like to receive: world peace. I think I’m getting an air purifier and some umbrellas, though.

  30. I’m giving some scarves I made, museum tickets, and candles. I got some gifts early today (for my late Dec. birthday), and I was happy to find an owl locket among them.

  31. Something that I’d love to receive this Christmas is Candles or Candle Holders, really anything related to candles.
    flophasit at yahoo dot com

  32. I would love the Kate Spade Note Cards or the Snow and Graham Calendar. My fiancee and I just bought a house and these would look and fit perfectly into our new office!

  33. what a great giveaway. i’ve been lusting over hunter boots forever and after a quick getaway this past weekend with my boyfriend i got them! christmas came a bit early and i couldn’t be more excited.

    crossing my fingers….

  34. This year I am not giving gifts. I am surprising my family with a surprise visit and hoping that I get a warm welcome in return! Nothing beats love…

  35. I’d like a new pair of Wunder Unders from Lululemon, and I’d like to give my husband a hard-to-find left-handed steel guitar that he’s been wanting for years!

  36. i would like a new quilt. (though that’s a big request from my momma….) so instead of that let’s say some new slippers. and i would like to give my brother the brand new leather splitter so he can make his art….

  37. I would like to give a Christmas gift to a child in need.
    I would like to get 2 photo albums or scrapbooks (1 for each of my children) and fill them with pictures of wonderful memories.

  38. I would love to give peace to all the creatures and people who have no control of their lives.

    I would love to receive a spring of calm and brightness which bubbles up from my inner self and my outer visions

  39. I wished for (and received) a new sewing machine… I’m not super confident I know how to use it but I’m looking forward to a crafty 2011!

  40. what a great giveaway…LOVE them all! i gave away personal, but inexpensive gifts this year of framed family photos & mixed cds. i would love to receive letterpress personalized stationery or the opportunity to take a class & make my own.

  41. i think my favorite gift I gave this year was a calendar of locations in Italy for my mom. We are Italian and she loves being able to look at the beautiful places. We need to go back!

  42. I’m giving my husband kitchen themed gifts- Le Creuset panini press and a Weber charcoal grill. For our three year old son, a Haba marble run set and for our siberian husky, a well deserved Harry Barker dog bed!
    I would love to take classes with local Portland, Oregon artists… letterpress, watercolor and photography classes! 🙂

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