post No.520 holiday cards

We finally got our holiday cards sent out this year! They were a true labor of love. Not just from us to the recipient, but from my good friend Emily to me.  She completely helped me out this year since my hands were so full with the store and the baby. She designed it, directed production and helped us assemble. On top of this my mom spent endless hours helping me tie and tag!  In the end they came out perfect. The goal was to send something that captured the warmth and the comfort of the season.  The photos below were shot by my super talented sister Ana.  As I’m typing all of this I’m realizing how much this whole thing was actually a gift given to me from these three important women in my life.


12 thoughts on “post No.520 holiday cards

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  2. Simply adorable! Sorry if I may ask, but is there any chance you can make them again for next Christmas and sell them on Etsy? I have been looking for something so special for quite some time now… would looove to buy them! xo

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