post No.521 M e r r y

I’m about to go on a little blog break to celebrate Christmas with my family and wanted to send out a special  “thanks” to all of you who read Parcel Post.  For those of you who are local, thank you for your support shopping at Urbanic. Seeing your faces in the store, and reading your comments on the blog, truly make having this business a fun experience.  Joshua and I wish you and your loved ones much goodness this holiday season in whichever holiday you may be celebrating.

Cheers to a bright 2011!




{gorgeous image credits go to Janice Valise and french by design }


4 thoughts on “post No.521 M e r r y

  1. It cannot be a trick of the memory or a cliched imagining but the posts to you on the give/get blog seem very like they are written to Santa. Audrey,that must make you feel amazed and wondering, very big boots to fill they are. One big step on the road to canonization a la Saint Nicholas. All because you create and maintain safely a little island of bright beauty that does its part think of all, mighty or humble. Merry Anne

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