post No.532 happy weekend

Wow. it’s been a week! Our latest newsletter went out, we received shipments from WileyValentine, Aquiesse and Japanese Market plus a ton of Valentine’s cards of every sort!  Many happy brides came in and picked up their wedding invitations and many happy customers picked up their custom stamp orders. I was asked to be a judge in the Smock Design Contest and had a blast choosing my favorite in social stationery.  Aside from all this we have been ridiculously busy getting everything ready for Hitched this weekend in Palm Springs. We’ve been stuffing goodie bags, prepping dance floor decor and finalizing millions of last minute details. Hoping to see many of you there on Sunday. For those of you who live too far away, I will of course be posting a re-cap.

happy weekend friends,



{garland found here}


post No.531 winners!

WOW. completely impressed by how well you all spend your weekends.  I think I need to step mine up over here!  SO inspired.  anyway, without further adieu here are the 3 winners randomly picked for the LOVE giveaway

Hitched Tickets – Vicki who wanted to make something

Wedding Book – Sara who went to Disneyland

Cider Sachet – Abby who doesn’t want to do dishes


contact me if I don’t get to you first,



{ribbon seals by knot & bow}

post No.530 write someone a letter

I received the nicest thank you note in the mail from a friend this week.  She took the time to really write out her thoughts and appreciation for the people that Joshua and I are in her life. It meant so much to read her sweet words in the middle of a crazy business day and definitely added a burst of sunshine to the gloomy pile of bills it was nestled between.  It got me thinking that I want to take more time to express feelings to the people in my life.

{inspiring quote & thomas paul stationery}

post No.528 The Loooove Giveaway

IT’S FRIDAY and I thought it would be cool to end this week on a positive note, so I put together a little blog giveaway to show you some love.  All you have to do is leave a comment to this post telling me one thing you’d like to do this weekend or 1 thing you did this past weekend (depending on when you read this)  I’ll announce the winner Wednesday 1/26 so be sure to check back!

.PRIZE  No. 1 A pair of  tickets to Hitched Palm Springs! This prize is perfect for you if you A. like the following … The Ace Hotel,  a grilled cheese bar, A synchronized swimming show, cotton candy machine, dance contest and spiked snow-cones.  OR  B. want to hang out with a bunch of insanely cool people who will give you free stuff.

{more info about Hitched here}


PRIZE No. 2 : A copy of Handmade Weddings. This prize is perfect for you if you  …  A. wish so badly you could go to Hitched, but live too far.  OR  B. are just an all around crafty person that loves inspiration when it comes to making and entertaining.

{btw- my friend Joy just posted some pics from this amazing book – here.}


PRIZE NO.3 : a sachet of Cuddle Cider

This prize is perfect for you if …   A. you’re a home-body and love to cuddle with a special person, a good book or movie  OR B.  love to sip delicious hot beverages

{I realize I’ve posted this prize on a past giveaway, but its just so good!}

post No.525 Hitched Palm Springs!

As many of you already know I’m beyond excited about our next Hitched event taking place in Palm Springs in 2 weeks.  (I spoke a few months ago about our first event here and here). This time we’re headed to the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs and will be hosting a groom’s lounge as well for the dapper gents. (more of this will be revealed on Monday)  I wanted to share the project board with you and the amazing lineup of vendors we snagged this time around. If you head over to our hitched blog, you can read a little Q+A with each of our snagees.  A few special features this time will be a water show by the Aqualillies, haircuts for the dudes by Rudy’s barber shop and an amazing honeymoon giveaway, aside from all the other RADNESS you can expect.  Get your tickets here,  (we sold out last time) Or if you want to chance it there are a handful of ticket giveaways happening which I’ll keep you posted through twitter and facebook.  Stay tuned …

post No.523 new years resolutions

I haven’t made a new years resolution list in like 5 years. I think in the past, I’ve made them impossible on myself and ended up just being frustrated by not achieving all of my goals.  This year, I was really feeling some things so I made a short and sweet list of things I’ve been thinking about. Normally I wouldn’t share this type of thing on Parcel Post, but hence #3 on my list, its time to share.

1. family first. – I’m realizing how quickly my 2 little ones are growing up.  They are more precious to me than anything in the world, so I ‘ve come to the realization that I need to sacrifice some of my business goals in order to ensure I have enough quality time with them and Joshua.

2. I forget. always. but am vowing now to finish at least 2 of these a day.

3. A lot more happens at Urbanic and Parcel Post than just the cool finds I post. I know there are a lot of you out there that aspire to have your own business some day, so I’m going to make a conscious effort to share the highs and lows of being self employed and things we’re learning along the way.

4. My extremely thick and hard to manage hair has been in a pony tail way too long. Time for a change. Now for the challenge.

5. There was a time in my life I felt very connected to God. These were some of the best years. I want that back.

6. In 2010 I was surprised on several occasions when I thought the worst of someone at first impression and they ended up being completely awesome.  For example on a recent trip to the east coast there was an empty seat next to us on the plane. I would have selected anyone but the guy that ended up sitting there. I was thinking I got the worst case scenario but he ended up hilarious and totally fun. I couldn’t believe how poorly I had assessed him.  No more judging!

7. Not once but twice now I have had my hard drive completely erased and lost the lifetime of music I have collected.  A few of you (ahem, Ana +JL), have taken the time to make me some mixes.  Thank you! I want to work on gathering more, more, more, so if you have a mix you love – send it to me here!

8. I have a HUGE email problem.  I am sincerely sorry to any of you who are waiting to hear back from me on an email.  I think about this everyday.  Sometimes your inquiries and thoughts  are most important so I set these emails aside to really concentrate on writing back. Work emails pile up on top of them and they get buried into an abyss. I need to figure out a way to get through my inbox each day effectively.  It seems impossible right now, but there has to be a way, and I am determined to find it.