post No.524 Desk Snappy

I love having these camera rubber stamps and tape dispensers in at the shop – mostly because I enjoy how excited people get when they discover them.  People literally proclaim out-loud what a cool find they are, and I must admit, I agree.

{pics from Japanese market}


18 thoughts on “post No.524 Desk Snappy

  1. I love those! I recently obtained the stamps but I still yearn after the tape dispenser…it’s always out of stock whenever I find somewhere that sells it.

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  3. Count me in on buying info, too, please. Also would like information on post No.524 Desk Snappy, too.
    Adorable stuff I certainly can’t live without Ü

  4. Hey all, I am happy to help you with your questions.
    So glad you love these little desk snappies!
    The retro camera stamps are $10 each and the retro camera tape dispenser is $18. I’m happy to ship them out to you if you’d like. Shipping would most likely be $4.95 via priority mail. email if you’d like to place an order.

    p.s we are running low on the tape dispensers, just a few left in the shop but can get a new shipment in the next week or so.

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