post No.526 Somewhere on Etsy …

Somewhere on Etsy, this collection of 85 vintage mailing labels are for sale for $10! The problem is I discovered this listing late last night and then lost it in a web of other good finds. UGH. so frustrated. Whoever finds them first wins!

9 thoughts on “post No.526 Somewhere on Etsy …

  1. aren’t those copies of labels though? they look like reproductions and it states that two of the labels are not copies…
    i’ve seen those on etsy before and got all excited, but the more i read, the more i didn’t want them…bummer 😦

  2. I fell for these a few weeks ago, sooooo disappointed when they arrived in such sweet packaging. Vintage in look, but printed on Avery label stock. I should have read the small print

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