post No.528 The Loooove Giveaway

IT’S FRIDAY and I thought it would be cool to end this week on a positive note, so I put together a little blog giveaway to show you some love.  All you have to do is leave a comment to this post telling me one thing you’d like to do this weekend or 1 thing you did this past weekend (depending on when you read this)  I’ll announce the winner Wednesday 1/26 so be sure to check back!

.PRIZE  No. 1 A pair of  tickets to Hitched Palm Springs! This prize is perfect for you if you A. like the following … The Ace Hotel,  a grilled cheese bar, A synchronized swimming show, cotton candy machine, dance contest and spiked snow-cones.  OR  B. want to hang out with a bunch of insanely cool people who will give you free stuff.

{more info about Hitched here}


PRIZE No. 2 : A copy of Handmade Weddings. This prize is perfect for you if you  …  A. wish so badly you could go to Hitched, but live too far.  OR  B. are just an all around crafty person that loves inspiration when it comes to making and entertaining.

{btw- my friend Joy just posted some pics from this amazing book – here.}


PRIZE NO.3 : a sachet of Cuddle Cider

This prize is perfect for you if …   A. you’re a home-body and love to cuddle with a special person, a good book or movie  OR B.  love to sip delicious hot beverages

{I realize I’ve posted this prize on a past giveaway, but its just so good!}

78 thoughts on “post No.528 The Loooove Giveaway

  1. One thing I am going to do this weekend and I am so excited about is talking wedding details with my fiance’. We have printed out a calendar that goes from today to the June-25th (our wedding day) and we are going to mark on it all the things that need to be done and by when. Isn’t it fun?
    Thanks so much for this giveaway! Love every single prize!

  2. Oooh cool giveaway! I’m eyeing the second prize because I live insanely far from Hitched Palm Springs. Like halfway around the world far. 🙂

    This weekend I would like to go on a photowalk with my husband and get to know my new camera even better. 🙂 He loves to do it and we’re making it into a new thing we do on weekends to spend more time together and reconnect when our busy lives just don’t allow it on weekdays with a 4 month old baby in the household. So excited!

  3. One thing I’d love to do this weekend is go to the beach and have fun with some of my college pals. This January’s weather is particularly nice in Southern California. 🙂

  4. I would like to go skiing this weekend. We live in Denver, so we try to go every weekend during the winter! And we’ve been getting slammed with snow, so this weekend is going to be great!

  5. I’d love to go to Palm Springs THIS weekend — it’s sooo cold here in New England! (But, of course, I’d much rather be there for Hitched!)

    Realistically, this weekend I’d like to be completely lazy with husband — stay in bed, watch movies, order take-out. Preferably while somebody else is taking care of the dog, shoveling snow, and cleaning the house. 😉

  6. This weekend I plan to get crafty. Since I semi re-organized my scrap space and my dear husband is working an extra shift. Sunday morning getting up for an early morning hike in Eaton Canyon. I can’t wait to see the sunrise.

  7. Hi there! I’m a new(er) reader and I just love to look at & read your blog. What gorgeous things you post!

    This weekend I’m feeling a date night with my hub 🙂 We are both full-time students and also manage to work full-time jobs. So when the weekend rolls around we need a combination of attention from each other and simplicity (AND some good food with NO DISHES!)

    By the way… I really appreciated your new years resolutions no. 5

  8. Oh, awesome! This weekend, I’m hoping to find and lease a new place to live! We’re tiiiiired of apartments, so this weekend we’re looking at houses. Fingers are crossed that we’ll find something we love!

  9. This weekend I’m going to get caught up on my blog…I planned all of these entries but have been so busy I haven’t written them! I also have a movie marathon planned…woo hoo!

  10. Aw, that cuddle cider sachet is adorable and sounds delicious…wink wink 🙂

    This weekend I’m going to be working on designing a wedding invitation for my best friend! Then probably just relax, maybe eat some food and see a movie.

  11. This weekend I’d LIKE to be massively productive and complete my dissertation introduction. Realistically, I will likely sit on the couch and watch crap TV, crippled with fear.


  12. I would love a weekend off. Just to relax with my husband and a few friends. Have a glass of wine over a nice meal and good conversation. And maybe hit up Santa Anita Racetrack for the races. Whatever the case….no working allowed! Just good company, good wine, good food ,and great times.

  13. what a fun giveaway, thanks Audrey!
    this weekend i would love to celebrate my newly adopted hometown of los angeles – santa monica/venice specifically – with a bike ride with my beau, then finishing that love song to the city i started several weeks back!

  14. I’d love to RELAX this weekend! We are putting on a handmade wedding show up here in Canada and did a bunch of press this morning. Whew, we’re exhausted! I’d like some sleep, please!

  15. I would like to go sledding with my kids, come home and sip hot cocoa, and then play Hungry, Hungry, Hippos! Just totally de-stress from the week.

  16. This is an exciting weekend. Im getting all of my bridesmaids together to do lunch and begin shopping for bridesmaid dresses for my wedding!I would love to have an amazing day and find the perfect dresses.

  17. This weekend I’d like to spend some quality time with my 2 year old niece and get all of my 5th graders’ papers graded! A movie/couch/popcorn date with the mr. sounds pretty good too!

  18. I want to go on a nice slow walk with my fiance and our dog. Walk to the park, talk, sit in the sun and enjoy the 70degree weather and sunshine that we have in in SoCal!! I want to take the time to rest, relax and enjoy the company of the ones I love. It is some rejuvenating time that my soul could really use right now. So, I will make the time to do it this weekend!!!

  19. This weekend I have to work on Saturday. I am an event planner and I am throwing a retro supper club stye party for 700 people at the Fox Theatre in Oakland, California called “Swingin’ Satuday Night”. Then I am going to relax in Napa on Sunday- spending time getting inspired for colors and ideas for a March baby shower I am helping to plan! reading blogs and magazines (I have a stack of magazines about 1 foot high!) Wish me luck 🙂

  20. I would like to find more inspirations for my DIY wedding projects :). The book would be perfect! P.S. Just stumbled on the blog today, it’s fantastic!

  21. This weekend, I spent HOURS going over wedding planning details and ideas with my good friend (and first client!) Lindsay. Tickets to Hitched would be AMAZING! 🙂

  22. This weekend, I crafted some gifts for my new little niece, saw her come into the world, and then held her for the rest of my time there. Life doesn’t get much better than that. 🙂

  23. I delivered flowers to a wedding in Irvine on Saturday and assembled my birthday invitations on Sunday. I’ve already got my tickets to Hitched so I’m hoping for a chance on the other two prizes (especially the book). I love your products!

  24. This past weekend I celebrated my birthday by stuffing myself with homemade gnocchi, drinking cheap beer, and square dancing with my amazing husband. Best birthday ever.

    Great giveaway!!

  25. This weekend I had to stay in bed because I hurt my back on Friday sadly. Good news is my boyfriend came over and we watched all the Harry Potter movies back to back and he made me Spinach Lasagna.

  26. Wonderful prizes for this giveaway!! This weekend we walked around Magnolia Plantation in Charleston, SC. Always so much fun and gorgeous. And then after all that strolling about picked up a chocolate cheese cake torte and brewed up two cups of coffee! Thank you!!

  27. My FH planned a wonderful birthday brunch for me on Sunday with a great group of friends up at Malibu Cafe @ Calamigos Ranch (where we’ll be getting married in July)! It was divine and the weather was perfect! We’ll be celebrating our engagement with friends and family this weekend so Hitched is unfortunately out of the question. However, Handmade Weddings sounds like just the inspiration I could use for our DIY wedding.

  28. We took my youngest daughter out for diner for her birthday, came home for cake and presents and then played games… fun family time!

  29. it was so beautiful out this weekend. i went on a long walk & had much needed conversation through the los feliz neighborhood & looped back to end at barnsdall park for a spell…

  30. I loved my weekend, and oh how it loved me back! I had a beach excursion Saturday, followed by a fabulous tapas dinner with friends and loved ones. Sunday, I had a phenomenally successful, full day, photo shoot, then finished off the evening with a long run… Ah…. life is good. The only thing that could make it better? To WIN one of these amaaaazzzzzing prizes!! Aaaaand, maybe get a headstart on my valentines making 🙂
    Thank YOU!!!!!

  31. I think I may have done something pretty “different” than the rest of the ladies here, although I’ll be honest, I did not read every entry. I took 2 of my guy friends shooting. Yes, shooting. Shotguns & a 9 mm handgun. They had never been and since I am a member of a gun range (I do not condone guns outside a range personally) I had to show them how it’s done. It’s so invigorating watching those clay birds break into a bunch of pieces when you actually hit one! Fun!!

  32. Well, my weekend was very, very, VERY unglamorous. I spent it taking care of my toddler who had the stomach flu. Yuck. While I was washing my fourth load of laundry at 4 o’clock in the morning I was dreaming of sitting poolside or beachside …. so, the Hitched event sounds freakin’ fantastic right about now!

  33. This weekend I finalized some DIY projects for the wedding AND (sorry I had to add two b/c it’s just SO exciting) finally replaced our craigslisted ikea coffee table with a grown up, beautiful coffee table (of course still craigslisted, but still…)

  34. Me and a few friends spent Saturday making lots of citrus treats… The day was called “marmalade madness.” In addition to the main treat, we also made spice muffins with an orange glaze and Sugar cookies with lime zest & sprinkled with powdered sugar 🙂 it was a fantastic day with the girls.
    On Sunday, my fiancé and I went to Disneyland! It was a magical weekend and the weather was perfect. It made me feel so fortunate that we get to live in southern CA.

  35. I had a blast on Saturday afternoon cooking a Chinese feast with 2 other couples and my husband. We have done it for 26 years.
    Big fun!

  36. I had a lovely weekend filled with both friends and family.
    Highlights included a sleepover with mom and sister, a trip to the bridal salon for bridesmaid dresses, a morning tea party, a shopping outing with my roommate, a night on the town to celebrate the birthday girl, a spa facial and lunch date with my future mother and sister in law, and finally a movie and bottle of wine with my fiancé.

    I am very grateful to have so many amazing people in my life.

  37. I went to my knitting workshop which I absolutely LOVE! I am making a kilim throw and some fabulous cuffs out of alpaca! Both of which I am dying to see how they turn out! I spent a lovely Saturday afternoon with one of my dearest friends, getting sunkissed and playing with a cute puppy named Pirate! Sunday I went to service with my mum and enjoyed the Brentwood farmers market where as always, I find it hard to resist Roberto’s fabulous flowers! I picked up some gorgeous red tulips! I finished the Sunday with a much needed pamper session at a nearby spa. The massage left me in a very happy place 🙂

  38. it was a love weekend…as it was my partner’s 60th birthday! I made a blueberry and an apple pie on Saturday, went bowling like a teenager on Sunday then took her for a romantic dinner on Monday….that’s a long love weekend.

  39. The most enjoyable event of this past weekend was taking my daughter to the Natural History Museum in L.A. for the first time. She’s six, so I purposely put off taking her there until she was old enough to appreciate everything. My plan worked, she had an amazing time! What made it even more special was having my parnets there to enjoy the day with us. She can’t wait to go back 🙂

    As I love all things crafty and LOVE to be able to give our brides cool ideas on how to save money by DIY’ing, I would love Handmade Weddings!

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