post No.532 happy weekend

Wow. it’s been a week! Our latest newsletter went out, we received shipments from WileyValentine, Aquiesse and Japanese Market plus a ton of Valentine’s cards of every sort!  Many happy brides came in and picked up their wedding invitations and many happy customers picked up their custom stamp orders. I was asked to be a judge in the Smock Design Contest and had a blast choosing my favorite in social stationery.  Aside from all this we have been ridiculously busy getting everything ready for Hitched this weekend in Palm Springs. We’ve been stuffing goodie bags, prepping dance floor decor and finalizing millions of last minute details. Hoping to see many of you there on Sunday. For those of you who live too far away, I will of course be posting a re-cap.

happy weekend friends,



{garland found here}

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