post No.544 knot & bow + urbanic (tlf)

Sometimes I stumble across a company and just know that we were meant to be together. This is totally how I felt when I discovered Knot and Bow.  These creative gift wrapping supplies are gonna fill a perfect little niche at Urbanic, offering you all lots more ways to make pretty packaging.  (definitely on a theme this week)  Below are some of their lovelies coming into the shop…

The Classic Gifting Kit

Me & You Engraved Pencil Set

Bakery Twine Spools

Assorted Sticker Kit

Parcel Gift Tags


p.s happy friday!

p.p.s  for any guys out there like Joshua, “tlf” means true love forever


{pics by knot & bow }


post No.543 genius wrap inventions

I often find myself inspired when I see people get creative with things we offer in the shop. For example, we sell these cute rubber stamps pictured below, how genius is it to decorate gift wrap with them?

We sell lots of Japanese washi masking tape … but I never thought to make bunting out of it!

Loving these smart paper + wrap inventions. If you have any pics of your own creations, send them over. I want to post a master creative guide.



{pics from here, here, and here}

{p.s thanks JL}

post No.542 recent tweets

Many of you might already know, I jump on Twitter throughout the week.  I share pics of new products coming in as well as current happenings.  Below are a few things I’ve posted as of late …

my son gave these cards (by Sapling) to his pre-school mates for

this is him with his new bubble gun

what would i do without cute mail?! (recent pile on my desk)

new cuties that just arrived at Urbanic from rock scissors paper

photo shoot at the shop with Brandon Kidd. exciting project!  (more details soon)

post No.541 Anthology at Urbanic

I’m bursting with excitement to announce that we now carry Anthology magazine at Urbanic! For those of you unfamiliar, it’s a quarterly shelter mag that covers the freshest in home decor, travel, design and entertaining. Very good stuff, but you need to come in and see for yourselves. We Just put them out on the floor and they are still a little warm (like just baked cookies) as they are right off the press.

P.S read more about the founders here

post No.540 baked goods label love

New in the shop are these baked goods label sets from Girl of All Work. I’m in serious risk of being ‘all talk’ right now with my baking promises, so I hereby declare I will be baking something sweet (and label worthy) by this Friday February 18th. There, I said it, now it has to happen.



P.S the last pic is from the apothecary inspired collection but in my opinion still falls under the category of label love.

post No.539 last night’s horrible dream

Last night I woke up in the middle of the night shaking from a horrible dream. I laid there for a few minutes dealing with my emotions and realized I needed to wake up Joshua to help talk me through it.  I felt horrible doing it because I new he was exhausted from our long day. He woke up and without any hesitation, listened carefully and then took the time to thoughtfully say all the right words to offer me comfort and insight as to what I was going through.  After we talked and prayed it out for a while, he just held my hand and lightened up the conversation with happy things for me until I finally fell back asleep.  Waking up this morning I realized all over again how important he is in my life. How thankful I am to have him as a partner and a husband. I stumbled out to get coffee and headed to my desk to find it was covered with little red hearts everywhere and a valentine he made me out of a red paper plate and some cardboard.   Not sure if you’re reading this … but if you are Joshua, thank you with all my heart.  xo *A

{pics from here and here}

post No.534 time for treats

I want to celebrate! We found out yesterday that all of my info was effectively saved on our external back up drive. I literally had tears in my eyes when the transfer was complete and I was able to see my desktop again cluttered to the max with my mish-mosh of cute snippets. It definitely sucked to lose the computer, but it makes me even more thankful to have all my photos, emails, and work folders preserved.  I just want to shout my relief from the rooftop somewhere, but since I’m sitting on the sofa in sweats, I’ll just shout it here  … THANK YOU GOD!  When I get in a happy mood like this, I like to bake.  Doubled with the fact that its super bowl weekend (which I couldn’t care less about)  my husband always asks me to bake him treats to have when he’s watching.  I figured, what better time than this to post these little treat kits I just ordered from meri meri. That little ice cream truck kills me.

happy weekend all.



post No.533 status update

Hey all, this week has been a whirlwind. To start off with some good news, Hitched was absolutely incredible. It was SO FUN!  There were mind-blowing amounts of talent flying around that venue and it by far exceeded my expectations of amazingness.

Also some bad news … my laptop is gone. Ugh.  it went missing at the Ace Hotel during our stay. We’re hoping it somehow turns up, but haven’t heard anything positive yet, so I’ve been pretty handicapped this week as far as posting. I’m working on getting back on my feet and dying to share pictures with you in detail!

till then,

xo *A

p.s in the meantime my friend Laure just posted some Hitched stuff up on Apartment Therapy. (she snapped the pic above).