post No.534 time for treats

I want to celebrate! We found out yesterday that all of my info was effectively saved on our external back up drive. I literally had tears in my eyes when the transfer was complete and I was able to see my desktop again cluttered to the max with my mish-mosh of cute snippets. It definitely sucked to lose the computer, but it makes me even more thankful to have all my photos, emails, and work folders preserved.  I just want to shout my relief from the rooftop somewhere, but since I’m sitting on the sofa in sweats, I’ll just shout it here  … THANK YOU GOD!  When I get in a happy mood like this, I like to bake.  Doubled with the fact that its super bowl weekend (which I couldn’t care less about)  my husband always asks me to bake him treats to have when he’s watching.  I figured, what better time than this to post these little treat kits I just ordered from meri meri. That little ice cream truck kills me.

happy weekend all.




7 thoughts on “post No.534 time for treats

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  2. Oh dear thank god is right about all that computer madness.

    And holey cuteness on these pieces! I need them!!! I also love to bake. So I would make happy use of these things! 🙂

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