post No.558 recent tweets

Here are a few pics I snapped and posted on twitter recently. The 1st is a box that our Bella Figura samples arrived in. It came with a big fun letterpress card to grab my attention and was full of invitation beauty of all sorts. The 2nd picture is one of my favorite little shelves in the shop right now. It’s full of so many interesting and curious things.

The 3rd and 4th pics were things given to me by 2 friends. Ironically they each have a different business with the same name! The arrangement was dropped off from Fiore Designs. She’s the florist across the street from Urbanic. I’m in love with her work so getting this was such a treat!  The notecard was from the lovely Jaimi at Fiore Beauty. As you can imagine I was freaking out when I saw how cute her personal stationery was.


post No.557 spring cleaning

I haven’t had much time to blog lately. I miss it, I miss you all. Things have been an absolute whirlwind around here. I am finally sitting down (waiting at the genius bar at the Apple store) and got a chance to clean up my desktop. I’m feeling pretty proud of myself and had to share.  till tomorrow,

xo *A

p.s thanks Bon for the pin!



post No.555 handmade weddings

I think I mentioned briefly in a previous blog post that we’d soon be carrying the new Handmade Weddings book from Chronicle at Urbanic. We’ll I’m happy to let you know that the book is now on our shelves and even more adorable than I had anticipated!  It was was put together by the talented sister duo behind Hello Lucky and is packed full of over 50 fun and clever d-i-y projects you can make at home.  Despite the title, the book is definitely not only for brides, it’s really for anyone who wants to add some creative details to garnish a party or event event with a personal touch. A few of my fave projects in the book are, the paper wreaths,  graphic paper link chains, tissue paper bouquet, and collaged votives. Each project’s tutorial is fully equipped with step-by-step instructions, how-to diagrams, and eye candy photos.

Now I’m off to make some pretty paper chains for our next store window! Happy weekend all.

xo *A

{styled by Shana Faust and pics by Joseph De Leo}

post No.554 eeek!

I am completely loving this new exclamation mark series of sentiments from Tokketok Press.  I was out with a few friends for dinner last night and the discussion of exclamation marks came up regarding how easy it is to over-use them.  I admit that I’m regularly guilty of this, so this little collection gets some of these expressions out of my system legally.  They’ll be arriving at Urbanic sometime this week. YAY!

post No.552 vintage vessel candles

These vintage vessel candles we just received at the shop are without a doubt, double awesome. (i bolded this because it’s a new phrase I just invented). Once you burn the candle down you still have a pretty little something to keep or give away.  Each found vessel is different than all the others making this whole concept even more special.  They’re made by a cool little company out of Brooklyn NY called Waverly and Irving … and now available at Urbanic.  yip yip!

post No.551 jonathan adler stationery

Here in CA we’re getting lots of sunshine lately. I’m guessing many of you out there are in colder places and feeling pretty ready for spring about now.  Today’s post is a burst of color to add some cheer to your day. Sunshine is just around the corner folks! These pics are from the new collection of Jonathan Adler stationery and desk accessories we just received at Urbanic.  I’m in serious like with that rainbow chevron. …and those task clips? way too fun.

{pics from LifeguardPress}

post No.550 for Japan with love

I’m sure we’re all on the same page of feeling heartbroken every time we see photos and footage of the disaster in Japan.  A few of my friends set up a Day of Silence for this Friday the 18th. The idea of some silence on the internet seems right considering the amount pain and suffering going on. If you’re a blogger and feel inclined, please join with us on this day of silence. (email Lydia to get involved).  They also put together an organized way to donate through a non profit called Shelter Box.  To any of you who want to give, this is a really easy way to help out. Click here to donate.

post No.549 friday 3.11.11

Happy Friday all. I wanted to share with you this new line of rustic and vintagey looking office accessories we now have in at Urbanic. I’m completely feeling it … especially those little number votives.  It’s hard to know what else to write as my heart is so heavy today for the people of Japan. Sending prayers & love their way and feeling hopeful because together we can help.

{pics and collection by Hom Art}

post No.548 Bella Figura

So, I have an exciting announcement today.  Drum roll please  ….  We now carry the Bella Figura line of letterpressed wedding invitations at Urbanic! You need to come and check it out. I’m in love over here.  There are loads of styles to customize and a complete creative library of patterns, colors, fonts, liners, and embellishments to work with – perfect for all of you design enthusiasts!  This collection was just released to boutiques which was huge for me, since I’ve been coveting it for years, not the mention that the prices are so sweet for all of you brides on a budget.

bonus – they have a fab little blog choc full of wedding eye-candy.

Post No.547 A day in the life of Paper + Cup

Last week, I posted about my friend Min’s new book Paper+Craft.  She is a working mom also, so we have a lot in common.  I’m inspired by all she does and thought it would be interesting to show you what a day in her life looks like.  Below is a summary she gave me of a day over at Paper+Cup …

A typical day at P+C revolves around our newest member, Tru Jr. I’ve been working a lot from home since he was born so I can be near him as much as possible. It’s been a real challenge but we made it through 1 year! It all starts with our breakfast time- 7am. When things are real busy, I wake up around 4-5am to do some work.  Jr eats while I make breakfast fast for me and Tru Sr. I organize my to-do’s that is split up into ‘home’ and ‘work’ lists, then some playtime before Jr’s first nap. Depending on what day, interns/designer comes over and I set them up while he sleeps.

Next, check email,  drink coffee and take care of some custom orders and check in with my team to see what orders are being worked on and shipping out

When Tru gets up, it’s lunch time.  Then off to run errands/playdates.  Often  I manage to squeeze in some playground time while out. This particular day I was at the post and saw some cards I designed a few years back for a client!

Afterwards, rush home for Jr’s 2nd nap. Barely make it home.  Back to work- check mail, unpack my sample cards from printer and check on some inventory.

Next I tidy up the house and prep dinner. After jr’s dinner, we bath and have some naked baby playtime.  This is my favorite time of the day. We read, sing songs and  laugh. Then as soon as he is asleep – around 7-7:30, I’m off to do actual design work on the computer till around 10.

Tru Sr. and I eat dinner around 10 and have some alone time.
I don’t get much time during the day to work on my computer but amazingly the time away from the computer actually has helped me to sort things out faster. I’ve also learned to let go and delegate. I’m very grateful for the network of people that make it possible for me to still run P+C and be a full time mom (for now =)).

post No.546 Paper + Craft

Are you sitting down?!  Okay so …  one of my all time favorite things in life is making cool things out of paper, and one of my all time favorite people in life (Minhee from Paper + Cup) recently released a book through Chronicle all about it!  After waiting impatiently we FINALLY got these in at Urbanic, and they are going fast!  The book is a stylin’ little hard back full of D.I.Y projects to get you making things like a cone wreath, a giant flower vase, wrapped memory jars, custom silhouettes, and keepsake memory boxes – to name just a few. A huge congrats to Min and Tru. The book is completely amazing!

{pics by Johnny Miller and styled by Randi Harris}



post No.545 ian’s birth announcment

I’m working from home today because I have 2 little sickies needing lots of rocking, tucking-in and cuddling.  In going through a few things on my desk this morning, I realized that I forgot to show you the birth announcement we did for Ian. We inserted them in with our New Year’s cards since it was all happening at the same time.  I can’t believe it’s March today. Yikes, he’s almost 5 months already!


{announcement by Sapling Press}