post No.545 ian’s birth announcment

I’m working from home today because I have 2 little sickies needing lots of rocking, tucking-in and cuddling.  In going through a few things on my desk this morning, I realized that I forgot to show you the birth announcement we did for Ian. We inserted them in with our New Year’s cards since it was all happening at the same time.  I can’t believe it’s March today. Yikes, he’s almost 5 months already!


{announcement by Sapling Press}

19 thoughts on “post No.545 ian’s birth announcment

  1. I love the announcement, love the new addition to the family, so so precious, and love you all!

    Congratulations! xoxoxox

  2. goodness me! this is darling (& i love that your catchphrase made me think of little ian as a project that your family crafted up).

    best wishes for your new year with the addition of baby #2.

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